A passion for detail and a strong respect for the lessons of vernacular architecture are amply evident in the work of this Scottsdale, AZ based architecture and interior design firm. Designing a wide range of custom homes and well-known boutique hotels, golf clubs and spas throughout the West for over 15 years, Oz has established a reputation for creating enduring, soulful buildings ranging from traditional to highly contemporary designs. Known for incorporating antique and reclaimed building materials which help create an intuitive, core level of authenticity in a project, they believe that truly timeless architecture is determined neither by architectural style nor by period, rather it is achieved by creating buildings with integrity which are built to last, or put another way, buildings whose best day isn’t their first day. Equally important is the belief that projects shouldn’t be an expression of an architect’s beliefs, but instead a reflection of the client’s goals and desires.

This focus on design quality is balanced with a strong commitment to achieving a client’s programs, budgets, and schedules. Founder Don Ziebell and principal Gene Kniaz lead a small team of architects and interior designers all passionate about their profession. Believing that good architecture requires more than a good concept, they maintain a strong personal involvement through the entire design, documentation, and construction process, and are adept at leading and uniting a team of design and construction professionals to a common purpose. They are a leader in designing homes that are sustainable and energy efficient, and often look to the past for sensible non-technological solutions, believing that the original “green” buildings were those built centuries ago from local materials and which were inherently attuned to the demands of their respective climates.
Location: 7401 E. Redfield
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Commented: You are right. They are antique terra cotta pavers. Though antique, they aren't too difficult to find generally. They are set like tile, and come in a range of colors from light buff to deep orange yellow,...
February 13, 2012 in Photo Questions  
Commented: The windows are painted steel sash. These were made locally in the Phoenix area, but manufacturers such as Hope windows sell them nationally. These use a special steel section to keep the muntin profile...
February 11, 2012 in Photo Questions  
Commented: It is an antique French Bourgogne limestone. We imported it directly, but there are a number of dealers in the Los Angeles area that can source it.
February 5, 2012 in Photo Questions  
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