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We have a Special Announcement as of September 2012! We are pleased to let you know that the Danenbergs are retiring from Danenberg Design to pursue other interests. We will be leaving our website up for a period of time, so that you may peruse it for design ideas. See our website at www.DanenbergDesign.com for the official announcement.

Kitchen / Bath Design, Complete Home Remodels and Custom Furniture Design. Creative team that has been designing one-of-a-kind unique projects for 29 years. A turnkey, team approach assures client satisfaction.

If you are ready to pursue your kitchen, bath and home remodeling goals, you won’t find a more passionate design team.

Living and working in different parts of the world has fueled the Danenbergs’ love for the melding of unique materials and design elements.

Most projects feature elements in glass, stainless steel (or other metals), warm woods and a complementary palette of natural stone.

Five BIG reasons why our Team Approach to home remodeling works in your favor.

When our firm handles your kitchen, bath or complete home remodel, we supply all of the services and many of the materials needed for a successful completion. Here are some of the reasons why this approach works to your advantage. Visit our website to learn more.

1. Experienced contractors for flawless implementation…
2. Suppliers who can please the most demanding customer…
3. All of our vendor team members are highly motivated to help ensure timely completion of your project because...
4. Our ongoing relationships with appliance dealerships work to the homeowner's advantage by...
5. Our lengthy liaisons with specialty glass fabricators and metal shops allow you to…

Call or email to schedule a complimentary consultation. 650-291-0240

Services Provided
Kitchen Design, Bathroom Design, Bath Design, Home Renovations, Furniture Design
Contact: Dan and Lanny Danenberg
Location: 1765 E. Bayshore Road, Design Loft 219
Palo Alto, CA 94303
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