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That one picture of the dishes on racks above the sink looks very nice, but how ever is one supposed to get to them without having to get a stool to stand on? You would have to bend and reach over the width of the sink/countertop and reach upwards over your head after that. How impractical for anything that is meant to be used often!

I have some coffee mugs that are hung at just about the same level as are those pans and lids. I can barely manage to access them. (Long story, but I have a whimsical and fun mug collection and I change out this small display often, but do use them on a daily basis.)

That photo looks great, but it is only for decorative purposes or to store things that are not used often. To be practical, the shelves would have to be lower, which is a great arrangement for things that are used everyday. But, that is not a usable shelf.

This seems to occur often with the photo shoots, that the logistics just do not work.

I saw,also, somewhere in these photos a picture of a shelf built over a door way. What a way to get beaned on the head if something falls off! And, why? Why over the door? Why over the vulnerable heads of innocent folks walking through the door?

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I live in a small European country. I’m always impressed by big American kitchens. I really cook three meals a day, everyday, but there are no boxes in my kitchen, there is not a microwave, only a few appliances for food preparation: mixer, blender, a kitchen measuring scale... even with one oven I make, by myself, great anniversary’s cakes, pastries, meat and vegetable dishes.... the only thing I lack is more space for fresh fruits and vegetables. And, if you maybe don’t know, it’s very common in Europe and convenient too, to have separate kitchen because of the smell if you really cook your dishes, not just heat them in microwave. My point is, it’s nice to have great big kitchen but, not having it, it’s not a big deal. You can be super organized even in a small kitchen and make really great and healthy dishes
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