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Bartels Doors & Hardware

Since we mainly deal with clients trying
to capture that modern-style look, we get excited when we talk aboutstorage . There are two MAIN trends that are absolutely taking off in
the modern interior space. All coming from the need to increase
open space and capture a minimal ambiance.

1) Sliding doors for Cabinetry and closets

2) Ladders...yes, ladders!

We are seeing our clients purchasing our modern ladders for tall cabinetry and wine racks!

Guesthouse at Conn Creek · More Info

If you want to learn more about our products, visit or direct message us!

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Sebastian Rhodes

Great article on how to maximize the storage space you already have. I know that
decluttering is difficult, but sometimes you do end up having to get rid of things. A
method that seems to work for me though is putting things into storage for a
while (using Closetbox, which was super convenient and took barely any
time), and if I found that it wasn't an issue not having things around I could get rid of them.

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Stlounik what did you do to waterproof or what company was used. Reno from next door and now I get water in basement? Thanks.

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