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How to make a room look bigger
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I used this technique to transition paint on my rounded drywall corners and also on colour blocking that I did in both kids' rooms. They turned out perfect and get loads of compliments!!! I used blue painters tape with no problem, tape removed about 15 minutes after I finished painting the blocks.
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I've used faux glaze with success as opposed to using paint. It's clear so it allows you to seal tape when the color being protected isn't available and it comes in handy when you try to tape off floors when painting baseboards and those pesky shoe moldings,cabinets,etc..... Some glazes are easier to work with than others due to the drying time. Paint before the glaze has set up and it'll bleed into the glaze negating your effort to some degree. I suppose one could experiment with all the new clear paint conditioners and sealers too.


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