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Kitchen pantry - rustic medium tone wood floor kitchen pantry idea in New York with open cabinets

2011 Showcase - Hillside RetreatRustic Kitchen, New York

A European-California influenced Custom Home sits on a hill side with an incredible sunset view of Saratoga Lake. This exterior is finished with reclaimed Cypress, Stucco and Stone. While inside, the gourmet kitchen, dining and living areas, custom office/lounge and Witt designed and built yoga studio create a perfect space for entertaining and relaxation. Nestle in the sun soaked veranda or unwind in the spa-like master bath; this home has it all. Photos by Randall Perry Photography.

Kitchen pantry - rustic medium tone wood floor kitchen pantry idea in New York with open cabinets —  Houzz

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This photo has 30 questions

Oran geFireFish wrote:Feb 1, 2012
  • John
    Funniest thing I ever read on houzz,
  • redheadeyes
    What kind of wine fridge is this?
candicegsu wrote:Feb 8, 2012
asml wrote:Feb 14, 2012
  • bepsf
    Appears to be Soapstone
  • PRO
    Witt Construction
    It is soapstone! Good eye.
paprika469 wrote:Mar 3, 2012
Where can I find these shelves?

  • PRO
    Witt Construction
    The shelves were custom designed in house and built on site by our carpenters!
kerich67 wrote:Apr 10, 2012
Color and maker of painted cabinets? Thank you.

  • kerich67
    Thank you for your time...
  • PRO
    Dura Supreme Cabinetry
    They look similar to Dura Supreme's custom Tea Green paint finish.
attipay2day wrote:Apr 30, 2012
  • jporta1
    What is the color of the cabinets? Thanks.
  • cjromine
    I'd like to know the color also, please
mommaduckx2 wrote:Aug 2, 2012

    Patti G wrote:Sep 23, 2012
    Are the onion and potato drawers cooled/refrigerated?

    - Onions and potatoes need dark and cool. Do these drawers work for that?

    • Jonesy N Deb Jones
      was wondering the same thing?
    • brucebunch
      Actually, I think they are just pictures of onions & potatoes. Inside there is only 2 onions & 3 potatoes.
    FLP DESIGNS wrote:Jan 24, 2013
    You have sooooooo much good food!

    - Did u eat it after?!(:

      vacahaven wrote:Jan 27, 2013
      Great sink! Curious of maker

      - Fun bathroom

      saltcity88 wrote:Jan 30, 2013
      is this the pantry?

        pmccrave wrote:Feb 7, 2013
        are the cabinets painted and if so what make paint and color

        - are the cabinets painted, and if so what make paint and color?

          examz wrote:Mar 7, 2013
          Could I have your wheat thins?

            superk400 wrote:Jul 9, 2013
              superk400 wrote:Jul 9, 2013
                mshivel wrote:Sep 8, 2013
                Metal or steel risers with wood tread?

                - L

                  debgaines wrote:Sep 23, 2013
                  What kind of countertops? Soapstone?

                  • PRO
                    Witt Construction
                    Soapstone and reclaimed barn wood shelves
                  elodee wrote:Oct 5, 2013
                  Who makes the cabinets?

                    B Carey wrote:Nov 24, 2013
                      ccoors wrote:Dec 3, 2013
                      Best Christmas decorations

                        austin7285 wrote:Dec 15, 2013
                        • PRO
                          Witt Construction
                          Supplied and Installed by Capital Stone; Schenectady, NY
                        • Patricia April
                          The blue grey colour with white veins in soapstone is called smoke
                        derekam1 wrote:Jan 26, 2014
                          Kathy Wackerle wrote:May 17, 2014
                          what is the depth of the countertop ?

                          • PRO
                            W Interiors
                            Hi Kathy,

                            Standard depth for kitchen countertops is 25 1/2". The cabinets are 24".
                          • Me

                            What are dimensions of pantry?

                          Carey Klaus wrote:Jun 24, 2014
                            45669 wrote:Jan 21, 2015
                            jamiephinney wrote:Feb 9, 2015
                            What other counter top material looks like soapstone?

                            - Love soapstone but wondering what other material we could use instead

                            • C

                              Soapstone is what is on every laboratory bench I ever worked on, mostly because it isn't porous. I think it is lovely. But some people don't like it because it is very soft - from 2.5 - 5 on whatever the name of that hardness scale is. This is because soapstone is composed partly of talc. The more talc, the softer the material. At the lower end, you can scratch it with your fingernail. As you get towards the higher number, you are no longer talking about soapstone - the material is known as serpentine - I'm not entirely sure of the distinction composition-wise sta, but I'm betting it has to do with the amount of talc.

                              The consequence of the material being soft is, that any little thing causes dings and chips. Because it is so soft, you can remove the small scratches and dings by sanding them out. Some folks don't care, and actually kind of like the patina that the surface develops. Others hate it. I imagine that if one were careful to choose a piece of stone that was on the harder end of the scale, scratches and dings wouldn't happen so much. I have no idea if, conversely, the material would be more porous.

                            • C

                              I was right about softness scaling inversely with the amount of talc:


                            maplebirch wrote:Jan 22, 2016
                            • Kara Jenkins

                              I want this whole kitchen including the liquir fridge lol

                            Gary Vest wrote:Sep 4, 2016
                            where can i buy the shelf brackets

                            - where can i buy these shelf brackets

                              bellerosez wrote:Sep 23, 2017
                                This Photo was added to 170K ideabooks, including
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                                Declutter and organize. Grouping and organizing can do wonders and make a space look presentable almost instantly....

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                                45. Cabinets made of soapstone and reclaimed barn wood pair well in this rustic Saratoga Lake, New York, pantry, built...

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                                They're also a great addition to a butler's pantry or food pantry, for easy serving and entertaining.

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                                2. AssessTake a step back and admire your hard work. Yes, I know, all the food is all over the kitchen. It's alright....

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                                onion bin - tilt out?

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                                Simple, but effective

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                                butler's pantry

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                                Note the vegetable bins!

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                                pantry shelves

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                                onion drawers

                                Added to Doug's ideas

                                I love the lower cabinets with onion and potatoe bins

                                Added to webuser_633123099's ideas

                                Spud and potato cupboards

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