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Elegant kitchen photo in New York with stainless steel appliances, marble countertops, recessed-panel cabinets, white cabinets, white backsplash, subway tile backsplash and white countertops

Classical KitchenTraditional Kitchen, New York

Photo Credit - Katrina Mojzesz topkatphoto.com Interior Design - Katja van der Loo Papyrus Home Design papyrushomedesign.com Homeowner & Design Director - Sue Walter, subeeskitchen.com

Elegant kitchen photo in New York with stainless steel appliances, marble countertops, recessed-panel cabinets, white cabinets, white backsplash, subway tile backsplash and white countertops —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (120)

sezaal50 wrote:Aug 26, 2012
Where are the stools from? I love them!

  • sezaal50
    That's so helpful. Thank you!
  • s s
    what is the layout of the appliances?
Susan wrote:Sep 1, 2012
Can you tell me the color of your cabinets and walls? What your subway tile it and marble?

  • Jen K

    Would love to know hood model number or name. I see it is Pro line.

  • lindamarie1
    Is the Pure White cabinet color Sherwin Williams or Ben Moore?
tjoy wrote:Sep 18, 2012
love the kitchen. who is the manufacturer of the hood?

  • hsummers

    Hi Sue, do you happen to know the model # of your hood? I'm on the proLine website and it's difficult to see which one is a match with yours. Thanks! Your hood is perfection.

  • Lauren Kuschner_Grossman

    I would like to know the range hood m
    model as well and the shelf too please

jah1108 wrote:Sep 24, 2012
What is the countertop?

  • brittanymclean
    Looks like Bianco Carrara marble, maybe?
  • subeeskitchen
    Island is Calcutta Gold marble - honed
Megan Hall wrote:Oct 3, 2012
Where did you find those oversized pendants? How much are they typically?

sierraimwalle wrote:Nov 11, 2012
lauramw wrote:Nov 17, 2012
Could you please tell where I can purchase the chandelier over the table in the bay window?

  • subeeskitchen
    Hi - The bay chandelier has been discontinued, but it was a Preciosa model.
agould wrote:Nov 23, 2012
can you tell me anything about the centerpiece? are the flowers real? what is it? I love the simplicity.

  • subeeskitchen
    Thanks! These are cuttings from a big old native dogwood tree in our yard. I cut a few branches every spring.
cjhammes wrote:Dec 4, 2012
  • Megan McLeod
    i have looked at the proline site but do not see the shelf - where can I look for the shelf and what is the paint colour on the walls please?
  • sbrickles

    The shelf is from Danver, not Proline. Danver makes a floating steel shelf 10" deep, 2.5" high

leidyhawk wrote:Dec 14, 2012
Any suggestions on hanging six 11x14 picture frames?

    Jennifer Wilton wrote:Jan 2, 2013
    Does the shelf under the range hood interfere with its function?

    • subeeskitchen
      The shelf is mounted over the backsplash tile.
    • sbrickles

      The steel shelves from Danver are "floating" shelves so there is no mounting visible

    kfurt wrote:Jan 13, 2013
    • subeeskitchen
      These tiles are not white glass -- they're ceramic. We got ours at Standard Tile.
    • lapwom

      Ignore my earlier question...I see this now. Thanks!

    mkan wrote:Jan 17, 2013
    • lapwom

      I know I'm late to the game here but is the subway tile ceramic or glass? It looks glossy which I love!

    • bellinghambythebay

      may I inquire as to the size of the subway tile? thank you!

    aimeebode wrote:Feb 2, 2013
    • nina8
      Really love the kitchen. We have a white marble top as well and it etches very easily. Do you know what treatment your's got to withstand the cooking dangers?
    • subeeskitchen
      I have plenty of etchings - just no stains. We just consider the etch spots as "patina" that's developing over time. Only way to prevent etching on marble is to have it treated with a special coating (not regular sealant). ClearstoneUSA.com claims theirs works, but I can't vouch for it.
    Lara Caimi wrote:Feb 19, 2013
    • subeeskitchen
      Hi - the knobs are 1 1/4". I have different sizes of the Bistro pulls -- most are 4", but it depends on the width of your drawers. For the desk drawers I used 3" pulls, and for the false drawer in front of the island prep sink I used the largest size which works great for hanging a dish towel. Personally I like the mix of satin and shiny metal finishes throughout the kitchen. Most things are satin, but there are polished chrome accents everywhere, from the knob rings on the range, to the tea kettle and pots, etc. The sink fixtures were less expensive in polished chrome, and it's also a more durable finish vs. brushed/satin nickel. (Note: the pendants are in a satin nickel finish, but all satin/brushed finishes are a little different. Another reason to not worry about matching finishes perfectly.)
    weinerdog3 wrote:Feb 28, 2013
    • subeeskitchen
      Honed pietra cardoza
    • skda2

      Beautiful!! What is the counter thickness for your perimeter counters? Thank you.

    suchew wrote:Mar 2, 2013
    can you tell me the brand of your faucet

    annesalmon wrote:Mar 6, 2013
    What is the black countertop (where the range is) made out of?

    • PRO
      Ollin Stone
      Pietre De Cordoso Slab Photo
    • PRO
      Ollin Stone
      A good substitute for the Pietre De Cordoso is the American Mist Granite
    schepke wrote:Mar 25, 2013
    • schepke
      We selected a pure white quartz from Hans Stone. We looked at several white quartz materials and this particular one looked best, in our opinion, with the back splash and cabinetry. It has not been installed yet...just a few more weeks!
    • cinwad
      I had honed marble in my previous kitchen. Loved the look but hated how it marked! Don't let anything acidic near it....takes the finish right off...not to mention water marks. I doubt if anyone but me noticed because it totally sold my house!
    kg949 wrote:Apr 5, 2013
    What size are the Hudson Valley pendants lights?

    kozfam wrote:Apr 6, 2013
    • subeeskitchen
      12" overhang on the bar stool side; island is 9' x 5' overall
    • siciblueyes

      Are brackets needed for overhang?

    JWF wrote:Apr 8, 2013
    Where are the stools from?

    - Bar Stools

    • subeeskitchen
      We ordered through our designer, but they're also available through Design WIthin Reach catalog. (Emeco by Stark stools)
    dad30h wrote:Apr 25, 2013
    Are the cabinets custom? If not, what brand are they?

    • stopyragyra
      Is there an answer somewhere to "what brand are the cabinets or are they custom?"
    • subeeskitchen
      They are custom-built cabinets.
    funya wrote:May 6, 2013
    • funya
      Thank you, Granite Grannies! My countertop guy said the same, no support up to 12" - but I was afraid, how strong can marble hold (I have Imperial Danby along with two kids, 5 & 7). I will have frameless cabinets so there is no space for corbells. I asked/begged them to give me brackets. Your timely answer helped me, thank you so much!
    • S

      May I follow up on that and ask how thick the marble is that is supported by the brackets?

    mycarelink wrote:Jun 1, 2013
    What is the brand of the cooktop? Downdraft?

      adinkins wrote:Jun 3, 2013
      • PRO
        Vancouver Island Soapstone
        It is not a question of protection as much as it is one of ease of maintenance.

        Marble is a calcium based stone and will etch when exposed to acids. Remember in chemistry class when you added vinegar to the bicarb and had the "volcano" happen? Same thing happens when any acid hits a marble. The calcium reacts with the acid and dissolves. That is the cause of the "water rings" that people see when looking at a piece of polished marble in the reflection of the light.

        These are not stains, but rather areas where the top layer of the marble got "eaten off" by the acid. Unfortunately there is no sealer that will stop the etching from happening.

        The honed finish - while not preventing the damage, hides it way better than a polished surface would, making maintenance of your marble tops easier. Besides - honed marble is softer looking and visually more pleasing, in my opinion!
      • jjohnson4444
        What is are the dimensions of the island top?
      djmota wrote:Jun 12, 2013
      • sbrickles

        Proline 48"

      • difournier

        So sorry to ask a question and bother you. Do you happen to know if the hood is 10" or 18"? I'm trying to get proportions correct in my kitchen redesign. THANK YOU!

      thebatsons wrote:Jul 8, 2013
      • sajacoco89
        Looks Like Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist
      • sbrickles

        It's Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

      dboone wrote:Aug 1, 2013
      Do you mean Sherwin Williams Pure White for the cabinet color?

      • Catherine
        what is the cabinet color?
      • sbrickles

        Pure white white

      Denise Storm wrote:Aug 1, 2013
      • Brooke Mead
        Denise I was wondering where you got your cabinets? I saw your kitchen on a different post and was trying to figure out how to contact you. I'm trying to buy white shaker style cabinets and everything I'm finding is off white. Are yours off white (not cream!) or our they just white? my mom keeps telling me that ask these pictures I'm finding probably really have off white cabinets even though they look white. I think she's wrong but I'm willing to be proven wrong. thanks!
      • sbrickles

        The pendants are 33" above the counter.

      Klh Hood wrote:Aug 24, 2013
      • loreydorey
        I love the flowering branch! Do you know what kind it is so I can search for one like it?
      • Helen Blair
      Pillows & Pleats, LLC wrote:Sep 14, 2013
      Ceiling Height?

      gayereinhold wrote:Sep 22, 2013
      What color ar e the cabinets painted? Glazed?

      • sbrickles

        Pure white white

      jhbowtie1 wrote:Sep 25, 2013
      • PRO
        Hudson Valley Lighting
        Thank you for your interest jhbowtie1 and thank you amoliassa1 for setting the record straight. We hope you are enjoying your Haverhills. These are indeed our Haverhill pendants. The ones in this photograph appear to be finished in satin nickel.
      • D Zippy
        I am thinking of using these lights over my island but am having trouble finding a fixture that would coordinate to go over my nearby kitchen table. I don't want it too industrial looking.
      amy4kidz wrote:Oct 9, 2013
      where can i get that steel shelf from for my new kitchen?

      • sbrickles

        Shelf is from Danver 48". I believe it is 10" deep.

      Anna Dunn wrote:Oct 21, 2013
      • Emily Nudelman

        I got one on the Wayfair website

      • sbrickles

        Hood is from Proline 48". Shelf is from Danver 48". I believe it is 10" deep.

      misslf wrote:Nov 1, 2013
      wesnjess wrote:Nov 3, 2013
      What is the colour of the walls around the bay window?

        sbriglio wrote:Nov 4, 2013
          carglasser wrote:Nov 22, 2013
          what color is the shelf (satin nickel?) and where can I buy it?

          - would love to know where I can get this shelf - and if it is satin nickel or stainless.

            Elaine Stone wrote:Dec 8, 2013
            Can you please tell me what material the countertops are?

            - This is one of my very favorite kitchens!

            • PRO
              Accent Interiors
              The island is honed Calcutta gold marble and the perimeter countertops are Pietre De Cordoso sandstone.
            • 1eastway
              How is the durability of the both stones? I'm picking out countertops in the next week or so. Thanks so much.
            nicolej72 wrote:Dec 18, 2013
              cblandford wrote:Jan 5, 2014
                ecocoolhouse wrote:Jan 14, 2014
                • Jen & Tim Westphal

                  What brand of shelf is that under the hood? We are looking for a floating shelf as a warming shelf.

                • Katie Kerl



                  CALL- 215-925-4800

                nickipeters wrote:Feb 20, 2014
                • Donna Bandar

                  is Silverado gray a generic name, everyone carries?

                  Also, the light over dining area?

                • meggster

                  Lowe's carries the color "Silverado" in the TEC brand

                lizfischer02 wrote:Feb 24, 2014
                What style and brand are the cabinet hardware?

                - What style and brand are the cabinet hardware?

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