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Elegant eat-in kitchen photo in New York with subway tile backsplash, marble countertops, recessed-panel cabinets, white cabinets, white backsplash and white countertops

Classical KitchenTraditional Kitchen, New York

Photo Credit - Katrina Mojzesz topkatphoto.com Interior Design - Katja van der Loo Papyrus Home Design papyrushomedesign.com Homeowner & Design Director - Sue Walter, subeeskitchen.com

Elegant eat-in kitchen photo in New York with subway tile backsplash, marble countertops, recessed-panel cabinets, white cabinets, white backsplash and white countertops —  Houzz

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This photo has 226 questions

Annie Wolfson wrote:Aug 21, 2012
  • Kristy
    Hi! I'm wondering how thick the countertops are? Thank you for the awesome answers!
  • subeeskitchen
    The countertops here are 1 1/4" (standard).
Patti Kramish Design wrote:Aug 25, 2012
I love the vent hood over the cooktop, can you share what company makes this with the additional shelf?

  • subeeskitchen
    I heard that too, but I think it a) looks funny to have the hood wider than the range/cooktop, and b) isn't necessary if you have a decent hood/blower. Maybe with a grill you'd get more smoke, but I do plenty of searing and frying and my blower has been fine (even with the "obstruction" of a shelf above).
  • lindamarie1

    Can you please tell me if your shelf is recessed at all to prevent high heat absorption under it?

debbieharrison wrote:Aug 30, 2012
What are the measurements of this room and the island? Thanks!

  • cletus
    Do you ever find the island too deep? Reaching to the kids on the stools? Debating a 5' or 4' island.

caseysjl wrote:Aug 30, 2012
  • pascalpascal
    Luv the subway tile. what is the make/brand and where can I buy it?
  • Sandy Cohen
    How are the subway tiles spaced out? How large is the grout line?
hutchinsonj517 wrote:Sep 3, 2012
love the floor. Could you tell me what type flooring tjis is? Thanks

  • subeeskitchen
    Thanks -- the flooring is long-plank fir (to match the rest of the 100-yr-old house). Very soft, though.
bamabuilder wrote:Sep 6, 2012
What are the perimeter countertops?

  • ekzita
    mi piace.......
  • subeeskitchen
    Pietra cardosa
jlogan wrote:Sep 12, 2012
What is the color of the walls ?

  • subeeskitchen
    Benjamin Moore "Edgecomb Gray".
srbuchsbaum wrote:Sep 23, 2012
What kind of wood floor is this?

  • camms
    I love this flooring, Can you please tell me what flooring it is,
  • PRO
Lauren Huff wrote:Oct 1, 2012
  • Lauren Huff
    Thanks! I love everything about your kitchen!
  • subeeskitchen
    Thanks! Check out my blog to see what I cook in it: www.subeeskitchen.com
lag901 wrote:Oct 4, 2012
What is the ceiling height of this kitchen?

delawarerita wrote:Oct 30, 2012
What is the backsplash? Is it ripple and what brand please?

  • subeeskitchen
    Thanks -- the subway tiles are just plain ol' white cheapies! Not from Home Depot but almost the same. (We compared both and thought the ones from the tile store felt a little more substantial, but they were very close.) It's the grey grout that creates the illusion.
  • PRO
    Subway Tile Outlet
    These are white glass subway tiles in the back splash.
    White 3" x 6" Glass Subway Tile · More Info

    You can find them in different colors and sizes as well on our site. We also offer samples so you can get a good feel for the color of the tile before you put it on your back splash.
janie62 wrote:Oct 31, 2012
What type of cabinets brand and color and what are the dimensions of your island?

  • subeeskitchen
    Cabinets were custom-made. Island is approx. 5'x9'.
williamsfp wrote:Nov 12, 2012
Where did you get the cushions in the eating area?

  • subeeskitchen
    I had these custom made by a local sewer. Ordered the Sunbrella fabric (stain-resistant) from outdoorfabrics.com.
rfscully wrote:Nov 17, 2012
love the island pendant lights! where are they from?

  • PRO
    Subway Tile Outlet
    The back splash looks like 3x6 white subway tile. Very pretty space!
  • Tonya Davidson

    subeeskitchen - are these 3x6? White grout or grey?

Debbie Erickson wrote:Dec 1, 2012
What brand and style of sink faucet did you use?

  • PRO
    Hard to tell but looks like a Dornbracht faucet.
  • subeeskitchen
    Both sinks have Dornbracht faucets. ("Tara")
Kristy Bartos_Geboy wrote:Dec 4, 2012
Where is the Kitchen table from? Absolutely love it! Thank you.

  • subeeskitchen
    The farm-style table is vintage.
bjks2 wrote:Dec 13, 2012
pascalpascal wrote:Dec 26, 2012
who designed this kitchen? I don't see it on your website or the references provided. thxs.

- design credit

  • subeeskitchen
    The design was a truly collaborative effort among architect, interior designer and homeowner (me).
E M wrote:Jan 2, 2013
Beautiful kitchen! Are the cabinet knobs also "Bistro" from Restoration Hardware? Thanks!

- Beautiful kitchen! Are the cabinet knobs also "Bistro" from Restoration Hardware? Thanks!

  • subeeskitchen
    The knobs are very simple -- also RH, but I think they were "Aubrey". Finish for all is brushed.
daneddy wrote:Jan 3, 2013
  • subeeskitchen
    We specified long boards (again to match the old floors); these came from Russia (!). 2 1/4" wide. They are stained with MinWax Puritan Pine. Be warned that fir is very very soft -- it will have a "patina" in no time. You have to be prepared for this.
daneddy wrote:Jan 3, 2013
  • subeeskitchen
    The cabinets and trim are pure white - no tint. (Trim color is the same throughout the house.) The wood floors and abundant natural light keep the room from feeling cold.
glendonwynne wrote:Jan 6, 2013
I love the counter stools, where are they from? Thanks

  • barbaraof
    Source of those stools? What I'm really wanting to find though is same shape w/wood seats (same concern you mentioned, cold surface, wood would be warmer and maybe a titch more comfortable) I may have to go with custom made one$, ouch. Thanks. Lovely kitchen.
  • sheller5921

    How are the stools holding up? Scratches? I am considering these and love the look, but concerned about having to be careful with the finish. Thanks!

eawills14 wrote:Jan 7, 2013
  • subeeskitchen
    Polished would show the etching even more. (I had polished in a bathroom once.) I like the look and feel of honed.
  • dawnmarie1017

    What type of material is the perimeter counter, the pieta cardosa? is it hard to maintain, esp with kids around?

sgleaf wrote:Jan 11, 2013
How big is the overhang on the breakfast bar? Do you have trouble with people accidentally kicking the doors?

  • subeeskitchen
    The overhang is 12". The kids have learned not to kick. Cabinets clean easily with Mr. Clean magic erasers.
gbrice11 wrote:Jan 12, 2013
  • subeeskitchen
    The chandelier is by Preciosa.
Cheryl Cummings wrote:Jan 25, 2013
I really like the floor is it wood what color is it and could you tell me where can I purchase it?

  • subeeskitchen
    The floor is fir (from Russia, because we spec'd long boards to match the rest of the house). It's stained in Puritan Pine ( I think). Not sure I would recommend fir, though, unless you had an open floor plan like we do and were trying to match old wood. (It's VERY soft.)
zeldaa wrote:Jan 27, 2013
Beautiful chandelier over table. Where is it from?

  • subeeskitchen
    The glass/crystal chandelier is a Preciosa brand (discontinued model), from a local lighting showroom.
bjoneal wrote:Jan 28, 2013
dfogarty wrote:Jan 31, 2013
  • jazzlvr

    May I inquire the dimensions of the island?

jillmc22595 wrote:Feb 4, 2013
  • subeeskitchen
    This is closest picture as of now -- planning to post more soon on subeeskitchen.com (my food blog). There are electrical strips on each short end of the island (if you zoom this picture you might be able to see them.) There are also outlets inside each short-end cabinet -- one for the stand mixer (with lift) and one for the wireless printer)
mbdonley wrote:Feb 6, 2013
Your kitchen is just lovely. Could you share with me the manufacturer of the cabinetry?

- I am in the process of reviewing cabinetry for a new kitchen. Debating between inset and frameless.???

  • subeeskitchen
    These cabinets are custom-built by a cabinet maker and are " inset".
sturner49 wrote:Feb 10, 2013
What brand is the gas range and what are its dimensions? Thank you

  • subeeskitchen
    The range is a BlueStar: 48", all-gas, 8 burners, 2 ovens.
  • cntipper
    Do you love the BlueStar? I have read really wonderful things about it on gardenweb, but just wanted another opinion! Thank you!
vivikenny wrote:Feb 17, 2013
What is the size of the island including the 12" overhang?

  • Ashley Cross
    Is the 12" overhand enough or do you wish it was deeper? Trying to make that decision currently. I can either extend my bar space out to 16" or double the thickness of my slab to 6cm but I can't do both. If 12" is enough that would be nice to know. Thanks!
  • subeeskitchen
    12" is plenty!
amandamather wrote:Feb 27, 2013
  • dkcnbla

    wow, i tried a sample of edgecomb gray recently and it was much darker/more taupey than appears in your kitchen!

sherkelsey wrote:Feb 27, 2013
  • subeeskitchen
    Ours are incandescent.
  • funya
    Thank you for sharing, Sue! I have been wanting to ask about the recessed lights, too, but hesitant to bother you with another question after seeing tons of them. So glad sherkelsey asked, and of course thankful to see your advice to it! I was about to get "6 LED (looks too big and ugly), but so happy to see this site before I purchase. Everything you did on your kitchen looks so perfect and just beautiful. Thanks for your generosity to share precious and valuable advices! While there are hundreds of choices/products on almost anything in the kitchen, getting a hint of how it looks together from such a lovely kitchen truly, truly helps. I and my 5yr daugher became fan of your blog, too! Wishing you the best.
corametivier wrote:Mar 6, 2013
luv the branch on the flower vase. Can you tell me what it is?

  • subeeskitchen
    Thx -- it's from our old (and sadly, almost dead) native dogwood tree. I bring in a few cuttings every spring.
Mariana Conant wrote:Mar 8, 2013
  • subeeskitchen
    Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo "White" is what we used on trim. Cabinetmaker had his own finish in "white". Also matches Benj. Moore "Super White".
Ruby Blue wrote:Mar 8, 2013
No question, just to say your kitchen is my dream kitchen!! It's absolutely lovely! (congrats!) :)

  • subeeskitchen
    So nice! Thanks
  • Celine Tremblay

    True ! All white, tiny grey and wood ! How simpler can it be? Yet, the outdoors is really welcomed in, a simple bouquet and we're on balcony... Perfect classic " art de vivre " !

    Very Beautiful !!!

hbhwatkins wrote:Mar 14, 2013
  • subeeskitchen
    Wish the desk area could've been a little wider, so that at least one drawer could be wide enough for file folders. Also wish there was an overhang on the short ends of the marble, so that a bar stool could be brought around (better for conversation that 4 in a line).
kimmiemurphy wrote:Mar 17, 2013
where did you get the fixture over the kitchen table.

ejbmom wrote:Mar 19, 2013
  • subeeskitchen
    The chairs were from Restoration Hardware (10+ years ago). We had the slipcovers made by a local seamstress. Ordered the Sunbrella fabric from outdoorfabrics.com. Great fabric if you have kids - everything washes right out.
helenbsweeney wrote:Mar 21, 2013
What is the size of your island? Thank you!

  • elkmom
    I have a dining area adjacent to the island...to the side. I have not picked out a fixture yet. Elsewhere will be can lights. Would 2 18inch be too large?
  • hooligan
    Where did you purchase the stools, please, and what is their height?

    Thank you!
ryderali wrote:Mar 21, 2013
  • subeeskitchen
    33" from base of pendants to countertop. We use 200-watt clear bulbs.
viet6255 wrote:Mar 21, 2013
  • subeeskitchen
    Hi - Please refer back to the previously posted questions - I know there are a lot of them but all of your questions have been addressed. The cushions are quite firm - they're 3" foam wrapped in batting, and then the Sunbrella fabric holds up very well. If anything I wish they would soften a bit because they make the seat height a tiny bit too high. Definitely like having the custom cushions, though.
fimky wrote:Apr 1, 2013
adore it but cant find super white paint?

kellyb66 wrote:Apr 2, 2013
What is the flooring? Do you know the stain/finish name? Thanks!

  • ericadk1
    what is the light over the kitchen table?
  • Maria
    Love the light over the table. Who makes it?
Jennifer Emley wrote:Apr 3, 2013
  • subeeskitchen

    The perimeter stone is actually honed pietra di cardosa, sealed/treated for a darker finish. The island slab is honed calacatta gold marble.

  • wendysara

    I was designing a similar style -thoughts if the island cabinets were dark smokey charcoal?

j990839 wrote:Apr 5, 2013
I absolutely love your kitche...WOW!! Could you tell me what type of white color the cabinets are?

  • subeeskitchen
    Thanks. The cabinets are just pure white. A close match is Benjamin Moore Super White.
selh05 wrote:Apr 16, 2013
Will you share the manufacturer and model of the 2 faucets? Love them!!!

  • lsmither

    What color is the wall color? I have a very similar look in my kitchen. I like the soft warmness to the walls.

  • bethhartunian

    love the pendants who makes these

ledesigns wrote:Apr 16, 2013
what is the diameter of your pendants?

  • subeeskitchen
    Shelf is from Danver; hood is Proline. I sourced them separately. More photos of my newest kitchen at subeeskitchen.com
  • fbquickio2

    Are the pendants polished nickel or brushed?

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