Carpet vs. wood floor in bedrooms?
September 18, 2013
Do buyers prefer carpet or wood floors in the bedroom?
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Mitchell Channon Design
My experience as a designer is that people have a bias towards wood floors everywhere. They've bought into the notion that it's a better investment in terms of resale value. I think carpeting in a bedroom is warm and cozy and is great for sound absorption. It's also easier from a furniture planning perspective.
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Select Hardwood Floor Co.
When people can afford it... they always prefer wood...
It's obviously a matter of personal taste & lifestyle, but carpet offers no "value added" benefits, whereas hardwood does.
Another factor is the fact that hardwood flooring doesn't "shed"... and nowadays folks are much more aware of the fact that most of the "dust" in their homes... isn't really DUST... it's broken down carpet fibers.
The cheaper &/or older the carpet... the more the airborne debris.
Many people simply don't want to breathe in any more contaminants than necessary... especially while they're sleeping.
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My personal preference is wood throughout the house.
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Christine Amato
I have a ranch style home and used a combination of wood and tile. I love it. I use area rugs for warmth. Wood is more fragile but creates a timeless and beautiful look
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Christine Amato
Oops I meant to say that I used wood in all of the bedrooms.
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I like the wall to wall carpet in the bedrooms, tile in high traffic areas and where there is water, and laminate in the great room. These decisions were based on aesthetics and ease of care. Trying to clean around and under bedroom furniture was really a challenge with hardwood floors. It seemed like the dust gathered in the most inaccessible places on a hardwood floor. These flooring choices have served us well for almost a year now.
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We bought a retirement home several years ago which we have rented out in the interim. I had the bedroom carpeting replaced with solid oak. The first prospective renters grabbed it because she has asthma and wanted a dust-free environment. In that area, hardwood floors are a big plus - always noted in real estate listings. The most bizarre part of the house was the stairs: bottom half oak; top half carpet. I had them changed to all oak.

As noted, you can always add a rug to hardwood. Also, if you don't like the color of wood, you can refinish it, whereas you have to replace carpet if you don't like it.

For me, laminate is a big negative, because I have to add in the cost to replace it.
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Select Hardwood Floor Co.
@jonathan3 helps solidify my point in his comment regarding the "cleaning under furniture"... sure carpet hides "stuff" (some of it bad)... but does that mean because you can't easily SEE it, it isn't there?
I submit that, even in my own residence... when cleaning becomes too much work, I start contemplating how to arrange the furnishings to make it simpler.
I'm not a "minimalist"... but I can tell the difference between easy maintenance and "I'll do that next week"...
Agreed that carpet is definitely a "lazy mans" approach... hell if you're careful, you can avoid cleaning the house for months... haha
After you've been in my biz for awhile and REMOVE some well used carpet, and see what's in & under it... you start thinking... Yikes.
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Hardwood floor with area rug(s) is my preference. I would rip out any wall to wall carpeting in a house I was buying, both for allergies and as an aesthetic preference, so I'd have to factor installing hardwood floors into the price of the house if it were carpeted.
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5 Pebbles, llc
We have carpet on the stairs and in the bedrooms for safety (stairs) and warmth. On the first floor we have wood. All of this is because of our two little rugrats. Not only can you slide on wood floors in your socks, spills are easy to clean. The carpeted stairs provided padding when they were learning to climb. Our next house will probably have wood everywhere for allergies sake with area rugs for warmth.
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Carpet One Floor and Home
To summarize what others have said: carpet offers more comfort with less expense, but hardwood has more designer appeal. If you have/want hardwood throughout the house and money is no issue, then it might be best to choose that in the bedroom as well. The buyer can always add an area rug.

Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with softening what should be the most comfortable room in the house, especially if you have carpet in other areas. I will note briefly that the only allergens in carpet are the allergens you put into it; carpet does not "generate" dust, though it can trap and accumulate it if not properly maintained.
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Custom Home Planning Center
I'm 50/50 on wood vs carpet The more expensive the house the higher chance its' owner will go wood. For comfort I personally would go carpet, but only with a double 1/2" Pad. This is achieved by adding a 1/2 thick x 1" wide plywood edging at the base board to avoid the bulge in and wider leg pads to avoid punch through. Nothing like it for end of the day relaxing.
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Hard wood is certainly easier to clean, more fashionable and produces less allergens. However, it is much harder on one's joints. This is particularly crucial as you age. Additionally, the hardness of the floors is especially deleterious to a person's joints when they first get out of bed after a long sleep. I covered some, but not all of my hardwood floors, with carpet because it is so much gentler on my joints. When I had my knee replaced, walking in those rooms which had carpet were a godsend. My question is, If hardwood is so beautiful, why is it that in every home that I have visited that contained hardwood floors there was a rug covering part of the flooring. I believe that hardwood is vastly overrated. To me, it is pretty in limited amounts, but I think it is desired principally because it is a status symbol. I will take my comfort over status any day. And don't get me started on ceramic or porcelain tile. That is a broken bone or concussion or crippling arthritis waiting to happen!
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I have always had carpet in my bedroom until this last house. Will never go back. The main reason is that once you have hardwoods, you see all the dust and dirt that goes into carpet. Just because I never saw the dust, does not mean it wasn't there. We use an area rug around the bed, but we are able to take it outside periodically and shake it in addition to vacuuming. By the way, we are over 50. Carpet doesn't make much difference in softness if your foundation is poured concrete like they do it down south. If you live in a place where you have a crawl space then maybe carpet would make a difference. :)
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I can tell you from experience when I walk on hardwood for a long time my joints ache. And I can tell you many others have made the same comment. A friend of mine complains constantly about her joints and acknowledges that when she lived in a house with carpeting her joints did not ache as badly. Her sister, under her advice, removed all the carpeting in her house and replaced it with hardwood. A month later the sister was unable to walk. You will notice in almost any exercise center there are thick black cushion pads on the floor. Guess why? I am well aware that carpet generates much more dust than hardwood, but as I said I can deal with that much better than the crippling of my joints. I am as far south as one can go. Anytime I have carpet laid it is with a pad underneath, irrespective of whether there is concrete or a crawl space underneath. So pick your poison - a runny nose from the dust of carpets or joints that ache so badly that you are limited in your activities. I like my activities.
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I choose carpet for our bedrooms and would like to point out one disadvantage: bedrooms are where people go to recover from an illness. So far we have had three years in a row when we had to have carpet cleaners come on an emergency basis. Once was in the summer so we had to run the dehumidifier to speed up the drying. This is so disruptive when someone is sick, or even worse in the hospital and the family has to deal with carpet cleaning as well as has the hospitalization. Next time I will use hard flooring and perhaps room-size rugs that can be removed for cleaning.
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Oddly, I find our old hardwood floors pretty nice on my joints. Taking out the carpet didn't make much difference. The cheap laminate over concrete in the kitchen on the other hand... Ouch.
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Hardwood floors with area rugs offer the best of both, plus they can be taken out and cleaned regularly, if needed for allergy purposes.
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I put carpet in the living room only, because it's great for acoustics. It's a very low commercial type that's easy to vacuum clean. PS: Big dogs will scratch up hardwood.
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I like the comfort of carpet in my bedrooms and feel it's easy to keep clean.
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FINNE Architects
I encourage clients to select wood floors for bedrooms, and then use area rugs if needed.
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Was that wall to wall or area?
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the essentials inside
I love the look of hardwood floors with area rugs. Wall to all carpet is a dust magnet and bad for allergies.

Wood floors add value to your home !
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The hype over carpet and allergies, in particular asthma, has been largely fabricated. In 2002, a major international survey of over 19,000 people in 18 countries showed categorically that people who have carpet in their home, especially in the bedroom, have less incidence of asthma. So if you like carpet then go for it, it will actually help your asthma.
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Old New House
Carpeting has a great aesthetic and feel, but in truth there needs to be a give and take relationship between hardwood floors and rugs. That's why area rugs in proper proportion to the space and need are important.
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Chloe Marley
We tore out our Capet in our home and put in laminate. It's pretty and I have pretty rugs but the dogs slide on it an it is hard to keep clean. First you must vacuum then you must mop. You have to chase the dust around which is annoying. In our retirement home which is a manufactured home in florida we just went with new carpet. I vacume frequently and just love how much easier it is to keep clean. Just get a good vacuume. My husband and I have allergy triggered asthma. It is better in the carpeted home than in the laminate with rugs home. I am picky about clean floors.
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Jared Lewis Construction
Carpet me for please (in bedrooms) ...... Hardwood in all other rooms
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