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Arcanum Architecture is not a reflection of a single design philosophy. Instead it is a studio based on collaboration between designers and its clients. Our best experiences have come from client input where the solutions appear unexpectedly from beneath the surface.

We provide ourselves on the design and services we offer, and we are only as good as our last design and client relationship. As a result, Arcanum Architecture is a small firm and is extremely selective in the participation process. This strategy enables us to provide a uniquely personal relationship with each of our clients. It has been such a success that a majority of our clients are by referral.

Our expertise ranges from the broad stroke of master planning to the smallest of intricate details. We delight in the design process and strive for success regardless of size, type or scope.
San Francisco, CA US 
501 3rd Street, Suite 200,
San Francisco, California,
United States, 94107 
(415) 357-4404 
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How to Navigate an Extended Guest Stay

Keep sharing living quarters a positive experience by pondering the answers to these questions in advance Full Story
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The summer after college I decided to stay in town. Rent was cheap and menial jobs were easy to find as school was out, and I didn't have anywhere else to be. I was renting a 4-bedroom apartment for something like $250/month, and I only lived on the first floor. When a girlfriend had a falling out with her mother that summer, I had no problem giving her the second floor. As I'd only be living there for the summer, the timeframe was already set. She would cook and clean for me; my meals were always ready when I came home, and the apartment was always spotless. We still joke about the summer she was my "housewife." It was great having her company that summer.
on Thursday at 11:40am     
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Monique Lucero
I have to throw in a couple of my own situations here. About 6 years ago now, my husband and I were building a home and had to move into my mom's house for about 4 weeks while we waited for inspections and closing to come around. She had already moved in to take care of her aging parents so we essentially had her house to ourselves (and our 2 cats). We put our stuff in storage except for clothes, our cats' stuff and personal items that fit in my SUV. None of the above suggestions were thought of to discuss ahead of time and lets just say that it made for a VERY stressful move in day. We slept on a full size mattress on the floor in my old room with our cats locked in our room to keep them separate from her cats who had full roam of the house. A month later, we were extremely grateful when our home was ready for move in.

About 2 years after that, my brother in law moved in with my husband and I for about 5 months. Again, none of these considerations were thought of so while he pitched in with groceries and kept "his" room and bathroom clean (or at least his idea of clean). We had agreed on a small amount of rent which he was unable to keep up with that really put us into some financial trouble. Overall the experience was pretty good (except for the random weekends when his wife - who he was separated from - would come spend the night too, lol).

We are still really close with both my mom and my brother in law so i'm very grateful that no relationships were damaged by these time periods. I love the advice and suggestions that you mentioned above.
on Thursday at 2:17pm     
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Arcanum Architecture now has a photo featured in an ideabook

How to Choose the Right Solar Lights

Learn about different types of outdoor solar lights, where to use them and why you might want to avoid the bargain bin Full Story
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That's the one! It's more decorative than functional for us, but it does stay on overnight (with a switch to turn it off if desired). The pic seems to show amber light but it is actually white light.
Yesterday at 8:10am   
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Christian Nommesen
I love solar lights. But I do agree with many folks that they don't last very long. If it is just the batteries, that is easy to replace, but what has happened on a few of mine is the light sensor goes bad, having the lights turn on all day, and thus are very dim and short-lived at night. Almost all of my lights have been Hampton Bay through Home Depot, and the newer lights seem to have fixed the dead light sensors. I find the more expensive wall wash and floods (around $50) are the brightest, and now my favorite. Here's a pic of our backyard after dark. Every light here is solar.
20 hours ago   
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Arcanum Architecture now has a photo featured in an ideabook

The Cure for Houzz Envy: Family Room Touches Anyone Can Do

Easy and cheap fixes that will help your space look more polished and be more comfortable Full Story
     Comment   April 3, 2014
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I have a narrow sun room that needs a bit sprucing up. What do you recommend
on Tuesday at 8:05am     
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Becky Harris
Hi mrrat007, I highly recommend posting your question and photo under "Design Dilemma" - go to "Advice" at the top of the page to get there. Many more folks will see it and chime in over there!
on Tuesday at 9:51am   
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