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Caitlin Wilson Design offers interior design services at an hourly or by project basis. Our services include, the creation of design plan, architectural detail, millwork, materials, paint & finish selections, space planning & furniture layout, selection of furniture, lighting, rugs, fabrics, wallpaper, artwork & accessories, installation, accessorizing, & styling.

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Philadelphia, PA US 
Caitlin Wilson 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
United States 
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To Chop or Not to Chop?

Karate-chopped pillows pop up in design photos all the time — to the delight of some, the dismay of others. Here's why Full Story
     Comment   April 9, 2014
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Robert Granoff
Perhaps this discussion is over but I just found a moment to add a few thoughts and strangely this has invaded some location in my brain since I first saw the post. I think the decision to chop or not to chop depends on context and type of space. I don't chop at home because I have a toddler jumping all over our pillows but when I'm styling elements within a frame on a photo-shoot, I often do chop but not always. Some times it depends on the pillow and what's around it. I've reposted a few images from the original post which I think illustrates the point. The red polka dotted pillow sits on a chair that has an X design in it's back. In this case, chopping the pillow works because it goes with the X lines, repeating the pattern and marrying the two elements (pillow and chair). The non chopped pillow hides the chair and the drooping pillow just makes the impression that the space is not respected because no one cared to make it look nice! There's nothing wrong with fluffing, fixing, staging, or chopping elements in an interior. There's a reason why we call it interior "design". Lines are lines whether we talk about 2 dimensional design or interior design and the lines of pillows should be considered next to the other elements in the space. So in my humble opinion, there is a lot more to it than a fundamentalist notion of whether to chop or not to chop.
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I agree, context is extremely important. To that end, IMHO, the shape of the pillow is all wrong because it obscures the back of the chair--its best feature. A more appropriate choice would have been a bolster pillow of sorts, at least according to my sensibilities.
on Monday at 11:09am   
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