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Hanson General Contracting, Inc. specializes in fine renovations, sustainable building practices, and historic preservation for older homes and historic structures in the Philadelphia area. Established in 1986, Hanson General Contracting manages all phases of construction, including demolition, concrete and masonry, mechanical systems, and framing and finish carpentry.
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Building on a Budget? Think ‘Unfitted’

Prefab buildings and commercial fittings help cut the cost of housing and give you a space that’s more flexible Full Story
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I hate armoires. I would rather have a walk-in closet but so far, in France it is armoires unless you build your own home. The homes we viewed that were built with walk-in closets when search for a home to buy were, well, all I can say is would not have qualified as a walk-in closet anywhere in the USA. Now why do I hate armoires? They require maintenance. The wood ones are unstable and still must be oiled and dusted. The IKEA shiny surfaces ones need constant dusting from the top to the bottom with a general glass cleaning at least once a month and that's if they are in the guest room that is seldom occupied. All the armoires in our house require me to have a step ladder to get items from the upper shelves. With a walk-in closet I would be able to store the step ladder in the closet or even use a library ladder. Closing the doors on the floor to close to the ceiling armoires is noisy. At least it is for my husband and guests who use the armoires. Finally, because they are against the wall and not part of it there is a place for spiders to live and that alone is enough reason to hate armoires, in my opinion anyway.
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Balaity Property Enhancement
As an architect in the process of designing my own home, I find this article intriguing. Several of the suggestions here will drive up a the budget, such as the barn doors. Even using a simple routed MDF door, attractive hardware is expensive and certainly exceeds the cost of a hinged door. For me the point of splurging on the sliding panels is not about the doors themselves, but their ability to connect spaces with larger openings. We will have a third bedroom separated by a 6' wide sliding panel from the main living area, allowing it to function as more of a den for us and as a bedroom for a future buyer. So the door is expensive, but the savings is in the 150 SF less of building area required to meet our needs.

A similar logic applies to the clothes storage. In areas with high construction or land costs, custom or modular millwork in lieu of walk-in closets may be cost effective to reduce the square footage devoted to storage. But in general, cabinetry will always dramatically exceed the cost of a simple closet system and be less desirable at resale.
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Hanson General Contracting, Inc. now has a photo featured in an ideabook

The Best Uses for a Bay Window

See how to furnish a bay window or merely enjoy the view more, in both casual and formal settings Full Story
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Herbal Bohemia
I have never had a bay window, but I would like one as a window seat!!!
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Fresh Quarters - Brooke L. Willmes Realty Team
We have 3 in our house: 1 in our bedroom where we put our bed--not built in and not fend shui but we like it. One in a future child's bedroom where I envision a crib but the only the eludes me is in our dining room, which is very formal. The only thing I can picture is a window seat...currently home to my daughter's bouncy horse!
27 minutes ago   
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