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Lynn Gaffney RA, LEED AP, is a nationally recognized architect (Dwell, Metropolitan Home, New York Times) whose firm, Lynn Gaffney Architect (lga) founded in 1997, has produced a range of work diverse in scale, program, spatial qualities and aesthetic styles.

Throughout her career Lynn has been fortunate to find clients with an inquisitive and collaborative spirit. Lynn builds a team specific to each assignment including the client, colleague, craftsperson, carpenter, contractor. She keeps focus on shared goals while integrating each individual’s creative strengths. Together the team challenges the status quo and transforms the project’s objectives (as well as obstacles) into uniquely tailored solutions.

Lynn pursues and considers all prospective projects on the basis of achieving balance - in life (work/ live), in site locale (urban/rural), and in client type (residential/ commercial/ institutional). In addition she has consistently supported various non-profits with pro-bono work and is always intrigued to hear about these opportunities.

Lynn lives and works in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn with her husband Bill and young daughter Genevieve.
Brooklyn, NY US 
Lynn Gaffney 
449 3rd Street, Unit #4
Brooklyn, NY 11215 
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Lynn Gaffney Architect, PLLC
We used kerei board here - "Manufactured from reclaimed sorghum straw and no-added-formaldehyde adhesive, Kirei board brings a beautiful new element to modern interior design." quote source We sourced the boards from Robin Reigi Materials who represents some wonderful products - - although I'm not sure if they source Kerei Board anymore.
on Monday at 6:39AM      Thanked by willpit
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8 Things Successful Architects and Designers Do

Good architects tell a story and engage the senses. They understand the rules — and know when to break them Full Story
     Comment   September 8, 2014
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Lynn Gaffney Architect, PLLC
Great article, Eric.
September 8, 2014 at 11:31AM     
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I use this article to give other point of view, those who trapped in bad design circle. Professionals seems pat each other's back and sure that rules (or breaking them), concepts and guide lines are excellent and novice are eager to follow them, too. Here some pictures my husband took for me, later I checked and I didn't like them, nether our daughter. The prices between 500-700k, rare house cost less around here. Who thinks they are for poor people? Or who think they were not designed by architect? And who think there school for bad architect (for poor folks) and school for good architect (custom) for 10% of population? I believe they are universal professionals in first place, then they have different work places and experience.
on Monday at 10:57AM   
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I would add a ninth idea except it rarely happens: “They see how the design worked out and learn from it”. Steward Brand’s excellent book, How Buildings Learn, talks at length about how architects rarely if ever actually evaluate the use of a building once completed much to the chagrin of those that have to live and/or work in the buildings. Similar points in Michael Pollan’s also excellent book, A Place of My Own
on Monday at 5:36PM   
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Gartengestaltung: Kleine Hecke, große Wirkung

Niedrig wachsende Buchsbaumhecken räumen den Garten auf. Sie sorgen für Ordnung und Überblick – immer freundlich, aber auch sehr bestimmt Full Story
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Lynn Gaffney Architect, PLLC now has a photo featured in an ideabook
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