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I've seen clover lawns, would letting wild violets take over be dumb??

I've noticed a number of wild violets in my front yard, which is minimal in terms of landscaping. I have yews against the house and a line of tulips along the sidewalk, but that's it other than green lawn. Would letting the wild violets take over be a lapse in judgment? I really do like how they look, and can't help but feel like it's better for the environment to have a lawn that doesn't need as much water.

What do you guys think? I've also considered replacing my lawn with vinca minor, which I think will achieve the same effect with less heartache should I decide I want to do something else in that space. But violets are free and literally grow like weeds, so that's a tempting alternative. I'd love to hear your thoughts on "natural" xeriscaping.

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