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Never ever, ever flush medicines. They end up in the water stream and we all drink them. Most police stations will take unused meds and they dispose of them safely.

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Webado Webada

It's the mountains of papers, bills and bank statements and old returned cheques (back to the 80's!) that do my head in. I've tackled this stuff over the past few days and separated papers to keep, papers to recycle and papers (with names, address, account numbers, signatures) to be shredded and then recycled. I've shredded so far 4 huge trash bags worth. My poor old shredder has been jamming non-stop.

Not done yet with all the papers, I keep finding more and more stashes, but for the papers I keep I still need to sort them. That's a big PITA ....

Oh and this is just from upstairs, there's a risk that there are more boxes of papers in the basement storage rooms :(

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Dana Ramirez

Some medical facilities (such as Kaiser) have a medication return container.


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