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OK, knock it off boys and girls-- play nice, we don't want this space to look like The Daily Mail.

Back to topic: Sedges. I actually have a question. I've succeeded in getting rid of about 80% of my lawnspace -- but discovered that I desperately needed the strip bordering the entry path and leading up to the front door during the winter as it serves as an extended door mat for muddy/mulchy dog paws. Are there sedges that can a) be mowed and b) stand up to doggy paw traffic to serve that same function?

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I have never mowed my carex, but I have some kind of tiny dark nearly black liriope that takes well to mowing. I think it will stand up to dog trampling. It spreads but not as much as its taller lighter green cousin. This stuff is all over my neighbor's yard and has wandered over here.

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Bosler Earth Design

kurapia is also a wonderful alternative

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