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I totally agree, Curtis. My granddaughter is still at the young age that expects the world to revolve around her, and, well… Grandma is a softy. :-) I remember reading a library book about lawn care. The book was very old, pre-herbicide, pre-synthetic-fertilizers. The book went into detail about growing lawn grasses and alsike clover in lawns for the clover to benefit the grass with nitrogen fixation. I also remember my mom making necklaces and bracelets with me from the clover flowers. I would love to do that with my granddaughters. All my neighbors, save one use a lawn service and my lawn would stick out. I wonder what comments others hear about their clover-strewn lawns. I guess positive comments only. Any disapproval would be silent. Alsike clover did not out-compete lawn grasses. Does the dwarf white clover behave or does it out-compete the grass? I'm seriously considering adding one or the other in either my front or back lawn.

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I’m all for mixing in something into the grass. We bought Eco-lawn seed mix and overseeded for a couple of years. Now there is a mix of feet, bee and bug friendly green stuff. And it grows at different speeds, requires very little water, and as long as I’m not picky about some taller bits rising up and waving about, it doesn’t need as much cutting as the neighbors. It never looks ignored or terrible (unless to someone is super picky and doesn’t understand the trouble of monoculture.) and I’m NOT trying to impress them.

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Curtis Adams

Birthstone, it sounds like you have reached a happy place!


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