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Marie Kondo is my hero! I am about halfway done KonMari-ing my home, and I feel so peaceful already. Even my not-so-organized husband loves the way his clothes are folded, now that he can see exactly what is in each drawer! I even cleaned and organized the basement, and now when I go down to do laundry, I don't dread it anymore. The only thing I didn't do was thank my discarded items when I put them in the bag/box. They know. :)

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Beamer’s Creek Woodworking
Can I just say, that I feel you are a genius. You’ve read my mind and I feel you really get why clutter builds up. This has been so helpful
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Michelle Roberts
I did make a significant amount of money on all the local Facebook garage sale sites and letgo. You just have to put up with some no shows. Selling some of our large furniture helped us to move ourselves. I bought kits of boxes from Lowe's and watched utubes on declutter and how to pack. Our dolly from Lowe's was the best purchase. We used our clean horse trailer for moving stuff to storage. Buying same size storage crates along the way for holiday items and toys really helped for stacking in the storage unit. We bought an RV and plan to take our time building a house.

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