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TheMaxBit Extension in Black
TheMaxBit Extension in Blackby TheMaxBit$29.95
TheMaxBit Extension is designed to slide on both the 4" and the 6" to extend the reach of TheMaxBit. The extension fits up into the chuck of the drill and tightens onto TheMaxBit, with set screws. The 1/8 allen wrench is included with the Extension. Maximize gardening productivity with a power drill and the newest digging technology. TheMaxBit enables you to plant twice the plants in half the time! TheMaxBit's patented curved-angle design pushes dirt out of the ground, creating a hole that is the perfect size and shape. TheMaxBit is the only tool you'll need. Similar tools merely augment the soil, requiring the use of a trowel to put the dirt back in. The angle of TheMaxBit's rotating blades pushes the dirt out and around the blade forming a hole while leaving just enough dirt outside the hole to top off the plant. TheMaxBit 4" was created to dig a hole ideal for bedding plants bought in tray flats. TheMaxBit 6" was built to dig a hole ideal for bedding plants in pots. TheMaxBit 25" extension attaches to both size bits with the set screws and Allen wrench provided. Insert the other end of the extension into your drill and dig holes from a standing position! TheMaxBit is recommended for use in unprepared or prepared soil with a minimum 18-24 volt drill. All sizes of TheMaxBit have a standard 3/8" shaft to fit most household drills. TheMaxBit is powder coated in four colors, black, orange, green and yellow, and manufactured in the USA. Less Time. Less Effort.Read More
Gorilla Carts Steel Dump Cart With Removable Sides, 2-In-1 Convertible Handle
Gorilla Carts Steel Dump Cart With Removable Sides, 2-In-1 Convertible Handleby Gorilla Carts$325.58$248(1)
Gorilla Carts GORMP-12 Steel Dump Cart with Removable Sides and 2-In-1 Convertible Handle, 1,200-Pound Capacity The Gorilla Carts GORMP-12 Steel Dump Cart is a transportation tool that makes moving and unloading supplies around the yard seem effortless when working on gardening and landscaping projects. Made of steel with a steel mesh bed and gray powder coated frame finish, the cart`s removable sides allow this multi-use cart to convert into a flatbed cart. The GORMP-12 Gorilla Cart saves time and reduces fatigue by allowing the user to move up to 1,200-pounds of supplies around the yard and features a patented quick-release dump design to make unloading fast and easy. The 13-inch pneumatic turf tires, 5/8-inch diameter axle and straight padded pull handle are designed to tackle any terrain and makes this dump cart easy to move even when hauling heavy dirt, mulch, gravel or plants. The patented D-shaped handle design also allows your cart to hooked-up and towed behind a lawn tractor or ATV. The bed dimensions measure 39.5 inches (L) by 22 inches (H) by 11.25 inches (W), has an overall height of 24 inches and weighs 82.5 pounds. Gorilla Carts full line of products meet the needs of the light-duty homeowner as well as the commercial-duty professional user by offering a wide variety of sizes and weight capacity carts. The Gorilla Carts GORMP-12 Steel Dump Cart comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Tricam is a leading consumer products company who continues to lead the industry with innovative, patented designs throughout their entire product line. Tricam`s products include household step stools, lawn and garden carts, replacement tires and tire tubes.Read More
9 AMP Sun Joe Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator
9 AMP Sun Joe Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivatorby Snow Joe + Sun Joe$240.02$148
THE TILLER JOE MAX TJ601E 9 AMP ELECTRIC TILLER/CULTIVATOR COMBINES THE POWER OF A GAS TILLER WITH THE CONVINIENCE OF AN EASY-TO-USE ELECTRIC TILLER. This electric tiller features six steel-angled tines that instantly and effectively loosen the ground to make planting and dirt removal quick and easy. Compared with laborsome hand tools, the TJ601E electric garden tiller significantly reduces the strain on the operator so that tilling your garden is more enjoyable and less stressful. THE TILLER AND CULTIVATOR COMBO FEATURES A POWERFUL MOTOR AND AN ERGONOMIC, USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN. Behind Tiller Joe's dependable performance is a powerful 9 AMP motor that keeps this electric tiller plowing through even the toughest terrain. The tiller's corded electric design means you do not need to worry about dead batteries, running out of gas, or making the right gas and oil mix. In addition, this garden tiller features an instant start push-button, so you can trust that this tiller will be ready to go whenever you are--no frustrating, arm-wrenching pull starts required. SMART, SAFE AND EASY TO HANDLE. the Sun Joe Tiller Joe TJ601E electric tiller features a safety switch that prevents accidental start-ups, as well as a pair of oversized, ergonomic handles, to provide maximum user comfort. FEATURES: - Best Use: Small to medium gardens and flower beds - Motor: 9 AMP - Maximum Cultivating Width: 18-IN - Maximum Cultivating Depth: 7-IN - Durability: Steel tilling blades - Instant start - Safety button engages tiller operation - Wheels for easy portability - Folding handle enables unit to store easily and take up minimal space - No gas, oil or tune-ups make it effortless to start and maintain - Rotor: 6 blades - Weight: 28.9 pounds - ETL approved - Full 2-year warrantyRead More
6-Pieces 20"x20", Long Lasting & UV Resistant Artificial Boxwood Hedge Mat
6-Pieces 20"x20", Long Lasting & UV Resistant Artificial Boxwood Hedge Matby ULAND$141(2)
ULAND Artificial Hedge-Best Choice for Garden Decoration The most life like deluxe artificial box-wood hedge tile on the planet. You will be amazed that it's not a real plant. Instant year round greenery. There is no other product that comes close to the look and feel of our Artificial Hedge. The most beautiful alternative to any other screening product on the market. Our artificial hedge is made from durable UV stable plastic using technically advanced dyes to create the most accurate leaf structures available. Un-like other cheaper alternative products on the market, our Artificial Hedge has a superior UV resistance which is impregnated into the product during the manufacturing process. ULAND Artificial Hedge is guaranteed against discolouring,fading,cracking and is suitable for all weather conditions. ULAND Artificial Hedge stays looking its best for years and is resistant to all weather conditions including (sun, rain, wind, frost, hail) ULAND Artificial hedge is fire resistant and water proof. ULAND Artificial Hedge is environmentally,pet friendly and allergy free. Applications: Limited only by your imagination, our Artificial Hedge can be installed almost anywhere. Ideally suited as a screening product and perfect for beautifying un-slightly areas in and around your home or commercial space. Other applications include: Vertical garden walls; Fencing; Pool & spa surrounds; Feature walls; Garage doors and gates; Balustrading; Patios, balconies, court yards; Commercial shop fit outs; Advertising; Room dividers and portable screening applications; Garden beds and boarders; Wind breakers; Privacy screens; Noise reduction; Glare issues; Air-conditioning, rubbish bin and hot water system concealment.Read More
While it may be difficult to decide where to start when building a library of garden tools, knowing where to stop is even more so. If you are just starting your outdoor gardening party or are simply looking to expand your arsenal of outdoor gardening supplies, there are undoubtedly a few essential gardening tools you'll need. Consider the following pieces to ensure you have the right tool for every job the garden throws your way.

Hand Tools

These are key to maintaining the original order of your designs and vegetation. Keep these tools protected in a shed or potting bench and be sure to periodically clean, sharpen, or oil them to prolong their life.

Pruners: Pruners are handy to carry around throughout the yard for quickly trimming and snipping twigs and small branches.

Spades and Shovels: Different sized spades and shovels are suitable for different garden tasks. Make sure that your shovel has solid construction since shovels help with the more challenging and physically demanding tasks of digging holes for larger plants or pulling out dead vegetation.

Trowels: Keep a trowel handy for digging smaller holes to plant bulbs or other smaller plants.

Rakes: Rakes can be used to loosen and level soil as well as to collect and gather vegetative debris dropped from trees or other plants in the garden.

Cultivators: Cultivators can be gas-powered or run by hand depending on the soil that needs to be tilled.

Hoes: Use a hoe for tilling soil, weeding, and for digging narrow trenches in the soil.

Shears: Shears are efficient at smoothly shearing hedges or evergreens, as well as for deadheading.

Knives: A knife is generally convenient and useful to have in any sort of working environment. In the garden, if you need to trim string or open packages, an outdoor knife is your best bet.

Forks: Forks are great for loosening soil or for hauling leaves or compost. You can even use a fork to help you plant different flowers, like Wolfsbane.. You might be thinking to yourself, wait a minute — is Wolfsbane poisonous? Yes it is, but it's also a beautiful plant that will look great in your garden while helping you to deter werewolves.

Wheelbarrows: In a large property or if you need to haul a wide variety of tools around with you, a wheelbarrow not only moves a large amount of soil or mulch at once, but can also carry tools and pots around as you work and change tasks.

Gardening Accessories

Also make sure that you consider the following accessories when outfitting your gardening tools. These pieces will expedite and enhance your overall gardening experience.

Gloves: Make sure to buy yourself a good pair of gloves. Available in materials ranging from leather to rubber and cloth, think about the environment that you will be working in and make your glove decision accordingly. Is it typically wet in your garden? Make sure the pair that you buy is waterproof. If you plan on dealing with plants with thorns and scratchy long branches, consider a durable material with a longer cut.

Gardening Baskets or Carts: Gardening baskets or carts are essential if you plan to grow edibles in your garden. When harvesting, bring one along with you so that you don’t need to constantly go back and forth between the house with your crops.

Potters Bench: Prepare your potted plants and keep your gardening tools beautifully organized with a potters bench. Rustic to modern designs are available for use outside or in a mud room. A potters bench is not only functional, but it’s also extremely charming and attractive to add as an accent to any garden.

Kneeling Pads or Seats: For extended hours spent weeding or planting, a kneeling pad or seat is essential for your knees or back.

Labels: Buying plant labels that can withstand the elements of being outdoors and can add a personal touch to your garden and are fun and informative decorative accents. Consider even buying labels that can be interchanged depending on season and what’s currently being grown.

Get inspired with our curated ideas for Gardening Tools and find the perfect item for every room in your home. With such a wide selection of Gardening Tools for sale, from brands like Snow Joe + Sun Joe, Village Wrought Iron, Inc., and Blancho Bedding, you’re sure to find something that you’ll love. Shop from Gardening Tools, like the the Digging Spade With Treaded Head and 32" Ash Handle or the Japanese Cuttle Fish Hoe, while discovering new home products and designs. Whether you’re looking to buy Gardening Tools online or get inspiration for your home, you’ll find just what you’re looking for on Houzz.