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Inspiration for a contemporary walk-in shower remodel in San Francisco with brown walls

Contemporary BathroomContemporary Bathroom, San Francisco

Contemporary bathroom with curbless shower floor, floating bench, floating vanity mounted to a tiled wall, and a full height fixed glass screen recessed into hidden channels.

Inspiration for a contemporary walk-in shower remodel in San Francisco with brown walls —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (48)

tanimal wrote:Aug 14, 2012
  • Don Lemelin
    Beautiful! what process is used to secure the glass wall with out clips? Is a channel used in the floor and wall? Thanks
  • countrylaneroad
    looks like none of the questions asked here were answered except the ones from the tile manufacturer .

    I have the same question sone folks have asked
    1) How do you keep the water from flowing out from the shower ? what is the drain to the floor slant ratio?
    2) How is the Glass shower door attached?
    3) Is the cabinet right against the shower door?
    4) What is the floating bench made of of and how is it attached?
    5) Does mold and mildew collect between the floor and glass door?
Patricia Pensel wrote:Aug 21, 2012
What kind of tile is in the shower? Are they 12 x 24?

- What kind of tile is that in the shower? Are they 12 x 24?

  • amybates
    What about the tile on the shower wall that looks like wood? It does not appear to be either of the Artistic Tile products identified already. It seems to have a wood appearance in the photos.
  • 4hansens
    yes, I love the variation in colour for the brown wall tile - no-one is telling what it is!
gfabythesea wrote:Aug 29, 2012
jessicajcook wrote:Sep 17, 2012
What size is the shower?

- What size is the shower.

  • PRO
    I would like to know the materials used for the seat and how is mounted to the side walls. It's a really clean looking installation.
  • orchidlady3
    How do you install the floating bench?
izzy7299 wrote:Dec 20, 2012
What brand and name is the wall tile?

- I would love to use this in my project!

  • PRO
    CPN Development
    Everyone is asking about the reddish darling 6x24 tile on the shower wall....please tell who makes it and where to buy it.
  • PRO
    TVN construction
    anyone know where to find this reddish tile at all?.
shapling wrote:Dec 25, 2012
Awesome shower! In regards to the shower wand, what is the make and model?

    wendysims6 wrote:Jan 22, 2013
      zoiya wrote:Jan 30, 2013
        jwilson1321 wrote:Feb 11, 2013
        • JMSS
          what is the size because its not 12x24! I am referring to the dark tile.
        • JMSS
          is it 8-9" x 24" or probably longer?
        Janet Walsh wrote:Feb 23, 2013
        • mrsgibb
          Yes, please identify the floor tiles...outrageously beautiful here
        • Kurt Miller
          Very nice - except that can light next to the shower head :-)
        jkatcher74 wrote:Mar 26, 2013
        What dark tiles are used in the shower and walls?

        - Love the dark color. Who makes that?

        • California House
          After looking at the picture again, I'm wondering if the shower wall is a mix of the brown and grey matte field tiles..???
        • JMSS
          These are not 12x24" tile like the link above...proportions are not what a 12x24 would look like and ceiling height doesn't add up because it would make the ceiling 12 feet high (there are 12 tiles from floor to the ceiling which is 144" or 12 feet) and this is not a 12 foot high room judging by the vanity height. This looks more like an 8-9 foot ceiling. They seem longer and narrower maybe 8"x24" or more? If they are 8" that would make the ceiling about 8' or if the ceiling is 9' then the tile is around 9" high and it probably longer than 24" judging by the proportions. Love the size if anyone knows exactly what it is.
        pvipul wrote:Apr 6, 2013
        Who makes the brown tile in the shower?

        - .

          smgapen wrote:Apr 17, 2013
          LOVE this! What's the name of the reddish-brown tile on shower wall? (Not the ambra gris.) THX!!!

            cathryn1999 wrote:May 4, 2013
              lindanunnenkamp wrote:May 4, 2013
              What do you use in the shower under the floor tile?

              • Aine
                Love the tiles!
              • brom2503

                What is the size on this shower ? (feet square)

              TVN construction wrote:May 16, 2013
              Please let us know the type of tile, color and brand for the 12 by 24 shower tiles. Thank yoy,

              • JMSS
                its not 12x24 see my comment above
              salelder wrote:May 29, 2013
              is the vanity against shower door.

              - does the vanity go right against shower glass

                Gabe Barajas wrote:May 30, 2013
                How much?

                  mr_debes wrote:Jun 10, 2013
                    donovanekdahl wrote:Jul 27, 2013
                    What is the slope of the floor to the drain, comparied to the entry ?

                      Billie Shane wrote:Aug 31, 2013
                      • bent7anona
                        I like it
                      • bent7anona
                        I like the shower place it is planned beautifully
                      VICTORY DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION wrote:Sep 8, 2013
                      how did you float the seat?

                      - did you float seat?

                        gaphy91 wrote:Oct 2, 2013
                        How functional this shower dolor can be, si the water cant go out, if

                        - http://silicegt.com/duchas.html#!prettyPhoto[group]/0/

                          shlomohobb wrote:Oct 3, 2013
                            Marina Shaferman wrote:Nov 17, 2013
                            Where can I get the same shower seat?

                              michellestraub2013 wrote:Dec 14, 2013
                              How high is the ceiling? Is the glass one solid sheet?

                              • Lawrence Ballack
                                Why do you want to know how high the ceiling is? Do you want to buy the house?
                              • Kristi Ambrose

                                Some people are so rude. They are everywhere apparently. I vote a comment deletion from the macho guy above.

                              ctoy10 wrote:Dec 26, 2013
                                aliclif wrote:Feb 13, 2014
                                Does mold and mildew collect on the recessed shower channels? How is i

                                  frazzz wrote:Feb 17, 2014
                                  What is the tile on the wall? Also size.

                                    knzburton wrote:Jun 22, 2014
                                    Hi:) What is the flooring? Where is it from?

                                    - Flooring!

                                      Atara wrote:Oct 28, 2014
                                        sbrunell wrote:Nov 16, 2014
                                        • PRO
                                          Splash Galleries, Inc.
                                          VIM Products has a level entry shower base that does not require you to lower the floor or cut into the floor joists. www.vimproducts.com
                                        JoLynn Sundstrom wrote:Jan 4, 2015
                                          howzzideas42 wrote:Apr 28, 2015
                                          • Zachary Epstein
                                            Floor is a natural stone called zebrano from Artistic Tile
                                          bill_lalezas wrote:Oct 8, 2015
                                          • PRO
                                            Faizal Mohamad
                                            My point of view, the bench was concreted using rebars overlap at both side of wall.
                                          kgrahi wrote:Feb 11, 2016
                                          • PRO
                                            Devlin McNally Construction

                                            You'll have to consult with a professional who can take a look at want you want put in your specific shower on site. It is a great bench isn't it.

                                          juliakatleman wrote:Sep 30, 2016
                                          • PRO
                                            Devlin McNally Construction

                                            Hi there, we made the bench custom.

                                          • king1035

                                            Love the bench also, I am in process of redoing a bath room also, need help in getting info on a free standing bench, please.

                                          Sarah Ajwani wrote:Nov 4, 2016
                                            Sharon Siebold wrote:Nov 19, 2016
                                            Could you share the info on where to purchase the floating bench?

                                              wclark151 wrote:Feb 8, 2017
                                              How is the floating bench made and how is it attached?

                                              - Was the bench purchased or constructed? How is it mounted to the wall/tile?

                                                grandeo wrote:Feb 15, 2017
                                                what is the name of the floor ?

                                                  Deb Hummel wrote:Feb 28, 2018
                                                  How did you attach the floating bench? What is the material?

                                                  - How did you attach the floating bench.? What is the material? Deb

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