Kitchen Elbow Room
September 7, 2013 in Design Dilemma
What is the appropriate spacing between kitchen elements (e.g., island from stove and fridge). Our floor plan currently has 4 feet, but I'm concerned about the dishwasher and stove being opposite from each other. I don't think I would ever really have to put dishes in the dishwasher and check something in the oven at the same time, but you never know. Also, our fridge (we opted not to go built in) sticks out about 32" so I'm thinking of having the island shortened to about 8.5'. Thoughts on the layout and spacing between elements?

Also, what size pendants over the island? I'm considering Restoration Hardware's Benson pendants, but don't know to go with two 7" or two 13". Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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Suggest to offset the sink and dishwasher by moving them to the extreme left of the island. It's better to have as much clearance as possible before the fridge - preferably 5 feet. French door refrigerators may help.
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For me, it's an odd plan, with an aisle through two islands. Why the separate bar island 4 feet away from the other one? Do you need seating for 6?
The dishwasher is easy, just swap it with the trash/recycling to the left of the sink.
How is this range vented? It backs up onto a bathroom...
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Thanks for the feedback. The separation aligns with the other spaces in the room. It would probably help if I showed the entire space. We thought about moving the dishwasher to the left, but I've never really seen them on the left. Might be what we'll have to do.
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HI -- No matter what,- the standard distance is 42 inches of space . If you have 48 inches ,then that is even better . Nothing needs to be off set unless you need for some reason. Everything on the plan looks good .I have had my dishwasher across from the stove and never had a problem. All the numbers on the plan are good and I don't see any problems .
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Kathryn Peltier Design
As sstarr93 asked, do you actually need 6 stools? If not, I would remove the overhang from the smaller island. You might replace the overhang with open shelves for cookbooks or just display. I doubt that anyone will ever sit there, unless you plan on serving meals there for a family of 6.

As for the location of the dishwasher, it doesn't really matter whether it is left or right of the sink. It might be SLIGHTLY more convenient to move your dirty dishes left to right, but I think in your case, it makes more sense to move the DW to the left to avoid the range-DW conflict. Yes, you will definitely need to reduce the size of the island with a 32" refrigerator depth. 42", as shown, is the minimum you want in front of the refrigerator. 48" would be better, but it really doesn't need to be much more than that, because you have so much other available circulation through and around the kitchen The 48" in between the sink and range should be OK unless you regularly have multiple cooks in the kitchen at the same time. If that's the case, you might even want to consider a small prep sink in the small island.

Re: the light fixtures. I think it depends on the look you are going for. If you want the pendants to be less prominent, then go with the 7". Personally, with the size of the island, I think it could handle the scale of the 13" size.
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It is a bit hard to give suggestions without knowing the space, and how you live and entertain. I would move the pantry door down by 3" or so to allow for another wall of shelves and or a recycling station. And then maybe remove one wall of the overhead cabinets for a more streamlined look. Also I would turn the wet bar area so the chairs are to the left and so put the coffee bar near the pantry for easy access on the way out the door I'm assuming goes to the garage. Maybe not a full wet bar area but a study area/ catchall area for mail, etc. I would bevel the top left of that second island. But again all of that is depending on how you live. I just hate seeing so much space allocated to what are essentially hallways.
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Danielle Rozon
How many pendants are you planning on hanging?
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Thank you all for the feedback. I don't think we necessarily will need 6 barstools. The architect put them in there so we could get an idea of space. As to how we will use the space, the wet bar more of a coffee station and beverage center. The husband is a big coffee drinker and the kids and I make a lot of smoothies. I would probably also use it when I bake with the kids as they "help" me with the ingredients. They can also do their homework from there as I make dinner.

The main kitchen counter space will be more where I prepare and cook dinner. I thought about only doing a line of cabinets along the back wall where the oven is, but didn't know if the fridge would look funny standing on it's own w/out a cabinet surround.

As for the lights, my thought was 2 on each island. I'm leaning more toward the smaller pendants b/c I don't necessarily want them to be the focal point, but don't want small pendants to be lost either.

thank you again for everyone's feedback. I've attached the full Family room, kitchen, breakfast nook space in case it helps.
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