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Jennifer Lowe

When i pull weeds I give the edible ones to my chickens or goats, plus anything in seed. Everything else I lay down right where i pulled it. That weed has been sucking up nutrients, and leaving it there will allow it to A- provide a mulching benefit and B- as it breaks down it returns those nutrients to the soil.

All the talk about cover crops is great, but you have to return the plant to the soil to reap the best benefits. Either by cutting and letting it drop, or smothering it later with cardboard and mulch, or turning it under. My vegetable beds get a fresh layer of organic mulch every spring, plus i continually add to it all summer long. I hardly have a compost pile anymore because most of the organic matter gets spread directly into the beds now.

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About gardening, always look to the areas around you! We worked years doing & undoing our gardens because we did not know our neighbors maple trees attracted aphids, & were so close their roots sucked out all the watering we did. When big tree roots abound you have to be selective with how you garden.

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Owling Dog

I grow a lot of wildflowers. Early in the season it's difficult for me to figure out which are the weeds and which are the wildflowers. I usually let them grow quite a bit before I can figure out that it's a weed! I wish there was an easy way of figuring this out.


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