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Mixing Neem with BT?

14 years ago

Here is my problem, I have caterpillars, White Flys, and Squash bugs along with probably a few other pests I don't know about yet. I have been having trouble keeping up with weekly separate sprayings of BT and Neem. Actually I was having trouble managing one spraying per week for a while as it was raining alot and even if I did spray the stuff was probably getting washed off. Now the squash and Zucchini are all looking very bad and the cucs and pumpkins are also suffering. My amaranth is hosting several different varietys of caterpillars and even the soy beans and sweet potatoes are showing signs of being munched on.

I was thinking that if I could mix up combined batches of neem and BT then I could deal with two sprayings on the same evening. Now that things have dried out, I probably need to spray with milk now too as I'm seeing some powdery mildew. There isn't much time for spraying between temperatures comming down in the evening until it is too dark to see. Most of the time I'm spraying half the plants by the sound of the spray hitting the leaves as it is.

I've been leaving for work before it is light out lately so trying to spray in the morning doesn't help. I usually fear to spray in the morning here anyway since it is still getting quite hot on sunny days and plants are easy to scorch here.

So, does anyone know if mixing BT and Neem together for spraying is ok? If one makes the other ineffective then I don't want to be wasting it.

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