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Correct tools?

18 years ago

What have you found to be the best tools to trim Banana fronds with? For dead, dry leaves, or narrow stems, I like Fiskars Scissors. But for wide, thick, juicy leafstems, that have bent downward, the scissors or garden pruners are too short.

Maybe my Bananas have a problem? They look very, very healthy to me, but the lower leaves eventually soften, get yellowish and flop to the ground, still attached to the pseudostem. At that point it detracts from the beauty of the plants.

I'm thinking a super-sharp knife or machete?

I can take photos of the backside of "Fruit Tree Hill" where I'd like to neaten up the "Nanas" if anyone does not understand my poor description.

How do you keep your Banana trees groomed?


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