Brown blotches on Butternut Squash

9 years ago

Hello everyone, my name is Russell. I've been gleaning much great info from the forum for awhile and finally have my first panic button question.

The butternut squash I have harvested about a month ago is great except for brown streaks and blotches coming out with storage time on the skin.It's less than 25% of the surface. They are otherwise solid and delicious even in the brown skinned areas. Great inside ripeness and texture.

It might be sunburn catching up with them or something? Can Is there a legit way to discuss this positively or just say they're ugly but good? Will/should it kill my sales?

( I will have samples cut open on the table at the FM). I have been selling them to restaurant people who are happy with them, but the deliveries will be getting a larger percent of this brown problem.

Thanks for any response,


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