Brown Patch Experiment

12 years ago


I live in the Clearwater, FL area. I have St.Augustine Floratam that has been maintained organically for 3 years. I feed microbes with SBM, CM, Alfalfa Pellets and UCG.

The brown patch area started to show in late November and is roughly 18ft diameter and "slowly" spreading. Every year the brown patch is in a different shaded area of the lawn. This year its in lower lying shaded area. It never kills the lawn, it just looks horrible through winter/dormant season.

I put Corn Meal down in mid September and again in mid October @ 15lbs per 1000. I was hoping it would act as a preventative.


I started this experiment (suggested by nandina) using Corn Meal and Granulated Sugar 4 weeks ago.(approx Jan, 1) The Brown Patch area is roughly 300sqft. I put down 10-lbs of cornmeal on and around the affected area. I also put down 5-lbs of granulated sugar on half the area (roughly 150sft) and hand watered in with a hose. Since then we've received rain 3 times, and I have not need to irrigate.

In the pic below (taken yesterday) I've outlined the affected area. Above the red line is CM only. Below the red line is CM/Sugar. Ive noticed a slight increase in recovery in the CM/Sugar half opposed to the CM only half. Im estimating 20-30% better recovery in the CM/Sugar section. The entire area has stopped spreading and is slowly improving.

So, the question I have is.

Why did the CM/Sugar half have better recovery?

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