East coaster zone 8/9 gathering/exchange?

February 6, 2005

Any interest anyone? I've been interested for a long time in getting together with other folks in the southeast who garden in live oak and spanish moss territory and surroundings. Would any of you be interested in a gathering and exchange for folks in our skinny little east coast (and near coastal) strip of zone 8/9 climate? We could meet somewhere central like Savannah or maybe a bit further south. I was thinking of waiting until May so that we can all get some things rooted to share. By then I could have lots of rooted OGR's to share, several salvias, and maybe some more obscure annuals.

Personally, I think it would be awesome to meet with some folks who can't grow lilacs and peonies and hellebores and heucheras and lily-of-the-valley and know what it is like to garden under a live oak and dig up sea shells from your flower beds. Wouldn't it be fun to trade with folks from outside your immediate neck of the woods but who still have similar growing conditions?

I'm going to post to the other state and regional forums to get the message out to as many as people as possible.

What do y'all think? Any interest? Suggestions? Ideas?

Comments (5)

  • CaseysMom

    I think it sounds fabulous~
    Count me in, Annie

  • PeaBee4

    A good idea is a pre-planning get together in your area with two or three people that are interested. Then, you all pick a place and time and spread the word both on the Forums and by e-mail. I would not make it primarily an exchange, as not everyone who would like to come would be in a position to do that. Just say, "If you have extras, bring them." It can be as simple as: Lunch at Burger King" If it's a small enough group, you may be able to have it at someone's house.

  • ccl38

    I will watch this thread with interest and hope I can participate when the time comes.

  • Theresa24

    Ooh, sounds like such fun..Keep us posted.

  • COBB

    What a great idea!

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