Deck mount handheld sprayer in shower/tub alcove?

8 years ago

Ok, so we are in the planning stages of our hall bathroom.

The bathroom will have an alcove tub/shower combo, and I am planning on installing a half glass shower door on hinges.

I want to install a handheld sprayer (we currently don't have one). My dear husband HATES the look of the handheld sprayer hoses dangling down and he really doesn't want to install one. Of course he isn't the one who cleans the bathroom and has no clue how much of a PITA it is to take a cup of water and splash it against the walls to clean the tub/shower.

He asked me if the hose can be recessed in the wall (which I have never seen done and correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think you can do) or if you can have it as a deck mount?

I saw a couple of pictures of deck mounted sprayers in an alcove shower/tub application on Houzz (see attached picture).

Any concerns or issues with doing this sort of application? My obvious concern is that the sprayer has a tight seal so that water isn't leaking in.

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