super white quartzite irl--omg!!!!!!!!!

March 18, 2011

I've seen pics of Super White (like in Firsthouse's beautiful kitchen) and drooled over it. Gorgeous, right? I saw a slab IRL today and I have to say that it is about 100 times more beautiful in person.

I looked around for it in my area last year. No one had it, but I was told that it was very expensive. I gave up. Today while up in the big city, the kids and I had 30 mins before we had to leave for home. What's a TKO to do? Why, go to a slab yard, of course.

The salesman was taking me to see a stone that might work as a contrast to my Carrara when I walked around a corner and saw IT. I must a have let out an audible gasp because the salesman gave me a funny look. I was blinded by the beauty. The colors! The swirls! The glow! The depth! It's really indescribable.

I stammered quietly, "that's .....that's....oh my.". He said that the one, single, solitary slab they had was on hold. After checking the computer while I tried to keep myself from grabbed that huge slab myself and making a run for it, he reported that there were actually 2 holds on it. More slabs were supposed to ship on September of last year. Ha. That means it's not coming. Oh, the heartbreak!

I looked at a few more stones much less beautiful and headed dejectedly for the car. If the stars align just right, maybe my third place bid for that piece of heaven will be enough. So count yourselves lucky if you live in an area where more than one slab shows up more often than once a year.

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  • kellied

    I'm having a hard time thinking that the cool white of the slab should be with a warmer white in the cabinets. Sort of reminds me of the barn red house with red geraniums planted in front. Those two shades just did not go together and set my teeth on edge every time I looked at it.

    Also, what you see standing back is so different than what you see up close. DH had to remind me when we were choosing flooring to set it on the ground to look at it instead of arm's length. Same with kitchens. Beautiful up close could be boring from a ways back.

  • lavender_lass

    White Princess is the only granite I've seen (on the forum) that really looks like marble. I can only imagine, how beautiful it must be in person. I'd love to find some for my bathroom vanity, but I haven't seen any available, in our area.

    Breezy- Road trip to CT? (LOL)

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  • erinct

    kellied -- I love the barn/geranium analogy! That really made a lot of sense to me, because I would feel the same way seeing that (which is why I tend toward matchy-matchy even though I love when rooms are more "layered"). And I hear you on the other advice, but I'm not sure how to implement that with the cabinet/granite choices. I have a small sample of the granite, but I really can't see it from a distance when I prop the door up to it. The door samples show above in my earlier post are Dove White (door w/smaller square in middle), Linen White (door w/larger square in middle) and Bone China (rectangular door). Assuming the colors were accurate in the pictures do you think any of the doors work with the granite or do you think we'd need something whiter?

  • blfenton

    This might be exaggerating the barn/geranium colour analogy - but cream cabinets - yellow and super white - grey. I don't think I would try it.

  • kellied

    I almost think that the cabinets and counters would not compliment each other. Sure, they are both white, but will each make the other more beautiful than it was alone? To me it should flow smoothly.

    If when you look at it is just "okay", or "it'll do", then it isn't the right combo. If you look at it and say "oh, yes!" then you have hit it on the head.

    Are you locked into white cabinets? If so, maybe a whitewashed would be better. If not, possibly a lighter wood which would still maintain the airiness of the kitchen but not fight with the stone. If you think of the counter as a blue/gray rather than white it helps. If you are dead set on the white cabinets, explore ALL the stone choices available to you. You may find something similar that works better.

    Everyone has their own personal taste so don't let mine deter you from what you really want to do.

  • riley605

    breezy and anyone else looking who is near any of these slab yards: about a month ago, I saw quite a bit of 2 or 3 diff white quartzes (sp?) in Dallas.

    IMC, the Dallas yard, is nationwide so you could definitely check, and they can get anything from their other branches.

    Then I saw even more at a place in OKC called Pacific Shores. I'd never heard of it, but googled it and I believe they have a WC, maybe CA location? The WC yard has their current inventory online.

    These were all slabs at the OKC location of Pacific Shores:

    Super White - I think this quartz?

    Grey Goose - def quartz, I believe

    Tidal White - granite, very similar to my River White

    White Marble Glass - don't know for sure what this is, granite or Quartz?

    Just wanted to put that out there, if anyone is either near TX/OK, or has an IMC or Pacific Shores w/in a comfortable distance!

    I, too, have been looking for a clean white countertop (after deciding I didn't want to pay for Caesarstone and I guess that rules out any of the "Quartzite" options) AND, have decided on River White Granite. The movement is so subtle and the color (what there is) is so random and found in small dots here and there, that is reads completely white unless on top of it.

    I wish I had a good pic of my River White (even less going on than in the Tidal White above), but good to all out there looking for a white countertop!

  • breezygirl

    I let this thread get away from me after I started it. Sorry about that. My search has been fruitless. Nothing in Washington or nearby Oregon in SW or White Princess/White Pearl. My fabricator says shell keep looking, but I'm not holding out hope. Maybe it's a sign to stick with my gorgeous Carrara.

    Thanks to everybody for posting pretty pics. So great to see Firsthouse's, Sparklekitty's, and cjc's kitchens again. Love, love the White Princess even better than SW I think for my climate because it's less gray.

    Lavender--I'll swing by and pick you up on the way! ;). Excellent point about the grey working in Italy to counteract the intense sun and heat. I have the opposite problem in my neighborhood. Can you believe that I get more rain here than Seattle?!

    Blfenton--floors will be warm brown oak. I'm planning on medium to dark, but not so dark to show all the scratches or be too trendy. I thought about a dark wood island with painted perimeter cabs, but, again, I think that's trendy. I don't think I can pull off two cab colors and two counter materials.

    Erin--I think the dove white works. I found a color last night on my BM PBK color chart that you might want to look at. It's called White Violet. It doesn't read violet at all in my light. I tried the little chip with my Carrara sample. It looks great--white, but not stark. It's a cooler white, but not a dullish grayish like white dove looks in my light. When I put it against a real bright white, it even seems white but not cold. I'm pretty curious how it would look in a bigger swatch.

    Have you looked at Firsthouse's recommendation of BM Super White? Bone White is waaaaaay to cream for a white/gray stone. Can you get White Princess quartzite in your area?

    I've seen a few kitchens, mostly on Houzz, of Carrara (grey to me) counters with a much warmer cab color. It looks a bit off to me, but then I think that since fancy kitchen designers designed them and they are featured in stylish blogs, that color combo must work. Or does it? I have a weird color sense (just ask my cousin kellied above), but I think cool colors belong with cool colors and warm colors belong with warm colors. Cream reads warm to me, and grey reads cool.

    There have been lots of discussions here about whites and mixing them. Someone reported that some famous designer (maybe Sarah Richardson) said something about how any white will go with any white. Just layer them on and it works. I think those slabs of SW you've looked at read to grey to work with this theory, but maybe you can use it if you find a more white stone.

    If you're still stuck, start a thread of your own with your situation and you'll probably get much more help. It's tough to choose something so expensive that you'll have to live with for so long!

  • erinct

    That's great advice! Thanks so much for your help everyone. I think I'm trying to make it work because our GC really needs to know our cabinet color but I don't want to commit until I find the granite that would go with it. So even though it's not convenient for anyone, I guess I better take some time to make sure we're making the right decision. Once I get a combination that I think works I'll post for everyone's thoughts.

    breezygirl -- That's so awesome that your cousin is on here and is as interested in kitchen design as you seem to be. I feel so alone in making all these decisions and I'm way over my head. So I can't tell you how much I appreciate everyone's help and ideas on this blog!!!

  • kellied

    Oh, Breezygirl is way ahead of me on kitchen interest. I just want one that works that doesn't look terrible. She's a lot more TKO than I am!

    erinct - fall in love with a stone then choose a cabinet to go with it!

  • mbarbie

    Hi All,
    We went with what our supplier in CT called Vermont White Quartzite and it's really not that grey at all and goes well with the BM White Dove on the cabinets. We mixed it with a black granite with white streaks called Via Lactea ( Dushi Marble & Granite) 203-978-0038 Stamford,CT

  • lavender_lass

    Breezy- You get more rain...than Seattle??? Yikes! Well, at least you don't have to worry about watering your garden :)

    Erin- Here are a few pictures of kitchens with different whites. I also added a few examples, with a backsplash color, that might help to tie together different whites. Also, if you like the idea of two colors of cabinetry...dark wood with marble top might be nice. Hope this gives you some ideas!






    This is a work table, but same idea of the darker wood, with the marble top.


  • erinct

    lavendar lass -- Thanks so much for the inspiration photos! I love the cabinet color in the first and fifth pictures -- any idea what color they are? And I've always loved a wood top on islands, but I'm afraid that it wouldn't wear well in our busy kitchen (we have two boys and they have really marked up our eat-in-kitchen wood table -- lots of dents and marker colors!). I really like the overall look of the first kitchen (even love the gray fabric under the sink -- kinda what I had in mind for the wall color). Do you think that look could be achieved with a Super White granite or is the granite too gray? Thanks again for taking the time to post those!!!

  • erinct

    mbarbie -- I love the look of your island, and your perimeter! Maybe I should consider different stones. I was just worried that our kitchen wasn't large enough to handle two different stones. Also, would you mind sharing your wall color? It's very similar to what I was thinking. Maybe a tad darker (because our kitchen tends to be a bit dark), but I could always ask them to lighten it! Thanks so much for posting the picture!!!

  • lavender_lass

    Erin- I'm sorry, I don't know the exact colors, but they are pretty! I think your granite would look wonderful, if you're planning to use some gray, anyway. The first kitchen has a lot of wood accents, which seem to be warming it up...and the terra cotta pots with plants :)

    As far as a wood top on the island...why not get something you love and urethane the heck out of it? If you're not planning to cut directly on it, that's what I would's almost indestructible and I don't think the boys could do too much damage. It would warm up the gray and white, too. If you get a satin urethane, it might not be so shiny, more like that first photo.

    No matter what you decide to use for colors and finishes, just remember, your accent pieces can really tie everything together and warm it up, quite a bit. I like the way the silver trophies tie in the gray and add some sparkle (in the first photo) and contrast nicely, with the older, rustic wood sign and small cutting boards, behind the plants and bread container.

  • juniork

    breezy, and all of you in the SF bay area, I just came upon this at Bedrosian's, in San Jose. My contractor just gave me their name. Most of my basic tile, etc, I'm going to go to that place the contractors go selection, but excellent pricing, but he says that Bedrosian's sometimes has good clearance sales.

    Super White
    Type: Slab - Granite

    Thickness: 2cm - $26.00 S/F
    Thickness: 3" - $35.63 S/F
    Thickness: 2cm - $26.00 S/F
    Thickness: 3cm - $35.63 S/F

  • breezygirl

    Too bad San Jose is so far away from me in Washington.

    Riley-- thanks for the info. I've never seen Tidal Wave IRL.

    Mbarbie--that is one gorgeous stone! I don't think I've ever seen your kitchen before. Do you have any pics of your black granite to share too? Please?

    Lavender--I haven't seen the white kitchen with those blue-grey subways in a while. It's so gorgeous. On, what I wouldn't give for tall ceilings!

  • mbarbie

    erinct- the color is Benjamin Moore Amsterdam and I absolutely love it
    breezygirl- I have lurked for a while and used the wisdom of Gardenweb to plan and finish my kitchen but have not yet posted pictures but will soon!
    The black granite is Via Lactea and is cooler than I could have imagined-I would advise anyone thinking of doing two separate stones to go for it

  • Pipdog

    We considered Super White (and I actually looked at the slabs at Bedrosians a few months back), but they had too much grey in them for me. Our cabs are slightly creamy (Dunn & Edwards Whisper), so we went with a lighter quartzite called Madre Perla/Mother of Pearl. It has shades of white, grey, green and iridescent movement in it. It is also very durable.

  • firstmmo

    mbarbie: I love your kitchen, especially the pearlescent backsplash. It's divine!

    Lavender: Those are such beautiful pics. Very inspirational.

    Thanks for the hint about Bedrosians. I have a few friends in the Bay Area that might need a good resource like this. Awesome tip!

  • breezygirl

    There you go Pip, showing off that drool-enducing MOP again. ;) I was at the granite yard looking at tiles for the bathroom the other day and say a couple of MOP slabs. I've never seen IRL before. Photos do not do that stone justice. It's even prettier. Too bad they're out of my budget.

    Mbarbie--thanks for more shots of your kitchen. Your black granite is very pretty. I'm now looking very much forward to your kitchen reveal. Please post it for everyone to admire. That bs looks like what Pip used in hers. I LOVE it! And your kitchen!

  • erinct

    The Mother of Pearl granite looks like it has a nice mix of cream, gray and tan -- is that the case in real life? If so, that would blend really well with the silvery/blue colors I want for the kitchen and the tans/golds I have in rooms adjoining the kitchen, and may make it flow better. I've never seen that stone around here though, so maybe it won't be possible. I'll have to make some phone calls today.

    I also LOVE mbarbie's backsplash! Do you think that bs would look good up against the Super White type granites on the perimeter, or is it better against a darker countertop on the perimeter? Would they compete too much? Not be enough contrast?

    mbarbie: Thanks for the wall color -- I'm going to get the card today!

  • mbarbie

    erinct-it's funny how the picture makes the backspash look pearlescent but its actually a carrera marble 1/2x2 polished glass tile. I think the camera bounced some light off of it. I ordered it at and you can purchase a 1/4 sheet sample to take with you to see if it matches the granite you like.I did that and it was really helpful. Although the tone does look primarily greyish there are some small streaks of brown in some of the sheets that we installed.

  • erinct

    WOW -- that's amazing how different they look. The picture does look very shimmery and iridescent. Both are beautiful! Do you think the bs would have looked good up against your island stone? Or would it be too much the same? It looks BEAUTIFUL set off from it.

  • elba1

    erinct - I believe I recently saw a similar mother of pearl slab at Everestmarble in Norwalk - you could call first to make sure they still have it.

  • mbarbie

    erinct-I had the exact same concern with the backsplash and the island stone which is why we went with the dark granite on the perimeter. Getting a sample and taking it with you could really be an eye opener with regards to "matching" dilemna. We got our slabs from Everest Marble as well.

  • juniork

    Oops! Sorry breezy, thought you were in CA! First house, you may want to mention Terico tile to your friends, too. I was blanking on the name, previously. I think of it as the Costco of tile, but much more disorganized! Incredible prices for marble and tile, just very limited selection. Pip dog, that is one stunning slab! And barbie, beautiful backsplash! Going to check out your tile store site right now. Thanks!

  • elba1

    Elemar in New Haven also had it.

  • yellowdog2

    mbarbie, thank you for sharing your backsplash and paint details. Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to see the full reveal!!

  • finestra

    We just looked at two different slabs. The first was Vermont White "granite" which the dealer said is really Brazilian marble. It was beautiful. Polished it really did seem to have the texture of granite.

    The other was white quartzite which had a lot of "sparkle" in it. It was much whiter but was not as smooth in appearance or touch. The dealer said that the Vermont white is the harder of the two, but neither is as hard a granite. We would be required to sign a waiver if either were used in the kitchen.

    How does the Vermont white hold up for those of you who own it? The quartzite too. Does either stain or etch? I am a little concerned that they said the Vermont white was really Brazilian marble.

  • cjc123

    Finestra, this is the frustrating part of these stone dealers. As I mentioned before, one year ago I was told by multiple people in the yards that Super White was quartzite from Brazil, Dolomite, not quite Marble, not quite granite. (called my dealer last week and the owners wife told me it was "granite")It is really ridiculous. If you can call a few other stone yards and ask them if they have Vermont White and ask them to tell you what kind of stone they think it is!?!?
    I will answer your question re: staining etching of quartzite, my super white etched the first month, since then those etch marks disappeared! I think it had something to do with the sealer curing. It does scratch if something rough is pushed or pulled across it.
    Get a sample and test it out at home ;-)

  • sochi

    finestra - I have a light quartzite (luce di luna or quartzite bianca) - it doesn't etch or stain, assuming it is sealed well.

    Love that super white breezy! Good luck!

  • rhome410

    I am late to this conversation...But always am both amused and frustrated about the reputation of gray. There are SO MANY grays, and not all give the same impression of battleship or dreary-cloud gray. And I don't read the same concern about using black granite perimeters in the same environment, which is darker and drearier?

    But, as a gray-lover, I am biased. I live in the same PNW clouds and rain, but don't feel my house, that has many different grays, including kitchen counters, and other cool colors, is dreary or cold. But the floors, furnishings, accessories, etc. make a big difference, as will your warm, wood floors and your personal touches. Your many big windows opening your house to light in every direction will make a difference. Even your gardens out the windows will contribute to the feel of your interior.

    I caution you not to trust the little chip of anything, especially called Violet White. ;-) Definitely get a sample of it and paint it on a sizable scrap of wood, so you can really see it...and maybe check it's 'recipe' to see what tints it has in it.

    If white-white is the only thing going with the counter and you're not feeling comfortable with that, how about another light color for the cabinets, like dove (creamy) gray, taupe, or something that has more depth, like butterscotch or tan, that won't look like 'close, but a miss.'

    I forget what happened to the Bianco Antico you originally wanted...Did DH not like it?

    I do hope you find exactly what you'll absolutely LOVE every time you walk in the room.

  • francoise47

    Hi All,

    Another amazing Super White kitchen. This thanks to the NKBA 2011 kitchen design competition.

    Here is a link that might be useful: NKBA 2011 Super White kitchen

  • breezygirl

    Francoise--beautiful kitchen, but those pendants remind me of UFOs from an old movie. ;). I adore the wood floor. That's the look I'm going for with mine. Not too dark, but very warm brown without red tones.

    Rhome--As usual, you are right. Right about how my new windows will bring in much more light AND from different directions. And right about the view from outside. There is so much green outside my windows for many months of the year from my gardens and from the evergreens in the surrounding yards. And a floor like that one above would help too.

    I would thoroughly check out any color, including White Violet, before deciding on any color. I don't want violet cabs!

    My problem isn't so much white on white; it's that the white of my Carrara reads so cold white/gray to me. SW or any of the other white/gray quartzites are off the table now as they can't be found in Washington or surrounds. The new kitchen will be very open to the rest of the house, and those cool colors aren't/weren't part of the color schemes of those rooms. If the kitchen was isolated, I wouldn't care as much. How do I make a cool white/gray kitchen work with the browns, burgundies, and golds from the other rooms? It's probably only an issue in my head. I'll try those other tones you mentioned.

    As far as the Bianco Antico goes, that is my favorite granite. DH never really clicked with it or any of the other granites I showed him the few times he actually agreed to go look. Something in the back of my head was holding me back from just doing it anyway. After reading here for over a year that marble can work in a kitchen, I decided to check it out. I had dreams 20 years ago about one day having a marble kitchen, but back then I only heard NO! Don't do that so I let it go. DH went with me to see that 4cm Carrara my fabricator told me about, and he fell in love the second they pulled those slabs out. It felt right to me too. It's beautiful, elegant, different than granite that most people put in, fulfills a long-time dream, and DH and both agree on it. Maybe I'll put BA in the kids bath next year.

  • erinct

    Breezygirl -- It sounds like we have similar color issues. Our kitchen is very open to other rooms as well which are all in the same color scheme as you described, particularly the dining room which has a predominantly deep red and gold rug and gold walls (the rug is the Keshan Red/Gold rug from Ethan Allen and the furniture is from their Tuscany collection which has a pretty heavy feel to it -- it was our first furniture decision after getting married and doesn't really fit with us at all but that room is done and DH doesn't want to revisit it except for minor paint/curtain changes). I'm trying to lighten things up and transition to more of our color scheme with off white cabinets and silvery blues, but I can't figure out how to make the transition work so it fits with the rest of the house. The dining room rug does have some hints of a light grey/green color in it and I was thinking maybe I could switch out the red drapes to match that color instead. Are you planning to incorporate any of the golds and reds in your kitchen? Going with a marble is more neutral, so you could probably bring in any color right? As much as I love the lighter SWs, I'm not sure if they'll be too gray and too hard to get the flow I want from room to room.

  • swickbb

    That Super White is incredibly beautiful stuff. I took a piece home when I was choosing granite for my kitchen. It hadn't been sealed yet so I don't know if that makes a difference or not, but it seriously etched in seconds when putting a piece of lemon on it. That's what turned me off to it, as beautiful as it is. Although, you could rub lemon all over it and make it even whiter! :-)

    From Kitchen Design

    Here is a link that might be useful: Super White

  • CheriPatrice

    Pipdog, that slab looks gorgemous! Everyone else, ALL beautiful. I also loved the white/grays.

  • athomesewing


    I thought of you today when I ran across this granite at a Seattle yard, called Moon Night.


    Here is a link that might be useful: Their Website

  • aokat15

    I wish I had seen this thread earlier... just in case you're still looking, breezy - this stone looks so much like my countertops called "Donna Sandra". Mine is technically a marble, although the stone yard said it was a much more durable marble than calcutta, carrera, etc so they actually recommend it for kitchen-use. There is another poster on here who has Donna Sandra granite - and it looks extremely similar. Anyway, if you are still looking - look under Donna Sandra as well!!

  • aokat15

    In terms of cabinet color - our cabs are painted BM China White which I think looks perfect with the Donna Sandra.

  • aokat15

    Also, White Vermont granite looks just like Donna Sandra - again if you're still looking :)

  • Cloud Swift

    BreezyGirl, Bedrosians is a chain with yards in a number of western states (and, oddly, Florida). It looks like there is one in Kent, Washington. I don't know how far away they would do it for, but when we wanted Azul do Mar in larger slabs than their Rancho Cordova yard had, they located some in the San Jose yard and moved them to our's so that we could take a look. Pretty nice of them since we had already said we would be okay with the size they had locally. The slabs they moved were just as nice and let us have one seam in our L rather than two.

  • writersblock (9b/10a)

    >(and, oddly, Florida)

    Probably because major ports of entry for European marbles, tiles, and a lot of stuff from South America are Miami and Jacksonville.

  • Cloud Swift

    swickbb, if it etched, it isn't quartzite. Quartzite is almost entirely made from quartz so it doesn't etch. There seems to be a problem with the name "Super white" being used for more than one type of stone. Some is quartzite and fine; some isn't and etches. They can look similar but be different stones. And sellers will sometimes say it is the quartzite when it isn't.

  • thx4help

    Hi, I am looking to purchase white quartzite in the bay area. Pipdog, kindly let me know where you saw the made perla? I would greatly appreciate it if others could share as well.


  • dcethridge

    Looking - desperately - for White Fantasy/real Super White quartzite in Boston/Providence area. I'm looking for the white with grey veins - just like cararra marble but quartzite. Anyone know where I might find a slab??

  • oliviasmom7

    Here are my slabs! Its Super White and it is SO... much more beautiful in person!! I found it at a place called Crocodile Rocks, just north of Seattle. They have prices on all of their slabs!! So I'm paying $33 per sq/ft!! And the people there are so so.. nice and helpful. They have the most white marble slabs I've seen in one place! Oh... it was so tempting..

  • monika2024

    I know this is old but I hope some of you wills ee it and reply.. Those of you who got the super white, how does it hold up? etching? Would you still get it?

  • Nothing Left to Say

    Monika2024, there is a series of thread on countertop geology I suggest reading.

    It turns out stone yards use all kinds of different names and labels for stones that are not all that accurate. Stone yards often label a stone super white and say it is a quartzite, but is is nearly always actually marble. The stuff labeled super white seems to often be a little harder to etch than the stuff labeled Carrara, for example, but it it is still usually marble.

    The only way to know what you are getting is to test a sample yourself. The countertop geology threads tell you how to test.

  • Lauren Began

    That is the link you want. karin_mt is some kinf of geologist and not in the business. His original post was about looking for super white quartzite and not agreeing that it was even a quartzite, its more similar to marble. He explains the tests you need to do in the first post and I think he has like 6 or 7 threads going.

    I just tested out our sample of super white "quartzite"... We put red wine, ketch-up, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, and a slide of lemon. We left everything for about 5 minutes and wiped it off and saw very very very faint etching, you could only see it on one extreme angle. We left everything overnight and there were no stains, only etching. The worst etching was from the actual slice of lemon and you could see a faint out line. We also noticed that the grey parts didn't etch as much as the lighter areas, no clue why. We did the glass test and it easily scratched a glass bottle.

    I've been agonizing over this for a few days and would highly suggest getting a sample from the yard and doing your own experiment with what you would cook with. Only thing left for me to try is heat.

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