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Putting a narrow hem on a shirt

16 years ago

I posted to this forum last night and it never showed here, I don't know what happened to it. So maybe it went to the wrong place? Anything could've happened, I'm new here, found it through my navigator pal, Google. I've really enjoyed reading everybody's input on sewing. It's something I no longer do much of, now I just get out the machine when I have to and now is one of those times. Due to the fact I'm so short, most of my purchased shirts are too long. You know, the type of narrow hem that's on mens shirts where the sides are shorter than the front and back, call a shirttail hem, I think. Well, when I tried to do this hem on a shirt what a mess! Is there some trick to this that you could share with me? It either bunches up or it doesn't seem to have enough material to go around...I'm talking about the part on the sides that is more or less on the bias. We won't even get into the problem with sleeves that are too long, after all I can just roll them up. Thanks, ladies, for listening to me.

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