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Need advice on stopping water flooding sidewalk

8 years ago

So I bought my house a couple of years ago, have had to do quite a few upgrade projects since then. I've finally made it down my list to a problem I can't figure out how to solve. The way my backyard is, when I get heavy rain (or lots of melted snow), the water gathers down a minor slope and onto the sidewalk to my garage. It has done a number on my sidewalk, the garages foundation, and can sometimes partially flood the one side of the garage itself.

For a better understanding, I'll provide pictures. My garage is on the right, backyard on left in photo. Arrows reflect the motion of the water when it flows.

The ground at the end of the sidewalk (behind it), is significantly higher than the sidewalk itself.

This is where the water normally sits. You can kind of see cracks in the blocks of cement from the water eroding them, and seeping into my garage.

This is if you were standing in the doorway of garage. Some water also flows towards my back deck steps and floods under them.

Last picture I swear! For temporary relief, I've dug little trenches next to the sidewalk on the left and between it and the red landscaping blocks. It allowed the water to run into the driveway.

Is there any way to salvage the sidewalk, garage and driveway aside from my mini trenches that allow it to slowly drain into my driveway? I can provide more info if needed!

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