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Am I killing it?

Kacey Coburn
4 days ago

Hi everyone! I inherited this plant from my mom's office about a month ago. When I got it, it was doing pretty well, but had been living in an office environment and had never been replanted. So, upon receiving it, I decided to replant it in a bigger pot and put it near a window that gets indirect bright light (as pictured). But now, the leaves are yellowing. :( I expected some adjusting of course, but now I'm wondering if this is the right place to put it...and if it'll bounce back. What do you guys think?

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  • Yuri Claro

    Seems a little bit like overwatering, how do you water it?

  • Kacey Coburn

    Hi Yuri, we've only watered it twice: right when we replanted it a month ago (because it was super super dry then), and then we watered it again two weeks later.

  • Yuri Claro

    Hmmm, maybe then its underwatering or the soil is too water retentive, and is holding moisture for far too long. How fast the soil is drying?

  • socks

    Did you pot it up because the roots had outgrown the other pot? If the roots were small, that pot might be too large for the rootball, it could be staying too wet.

    Did you remove the old mix when repotting? Does this pot have a hole in the bottom? Does it sit in water in a dish after watering?

    I hope it survives. It looks nice in that corner.

  • Kacey Coburn

    Hi socks, to answer your questions...

    1. Yes, the roots were SUPER dense in the old pot, which is why we thought it would be good to repot.

    2. We tried to remove as much old soil as possible but didn't want to damage the root ball too much.

    3. This pot does have drainage holes.

    4. It kind of does sit in water in a dish. But we only water it until we see a bit of water in the dish, and then stop.

  • Karen S. (7b, NYC)

    I don't grow this, but it looks underwatered to me not overwatered, the curling leaves may be from dryness. I suspect it's the original rootball you left in place is dry to the touch. Was it rockhard to your touch? If so, that means it won't absorb water & possibly the water you're giving it, is going around the rootball not into it.

    Soak the whole thing in a basin of water a couple of inches deep. Maybe even poke some holes in the top of the rootball w/ some kind of skewer or screwdriver & then pour water directly into the holes. See what the plant does after you've done this & given it a couple of days to respond.

  • socks

    I agree with Karen. Possibly the water isn’t getting to the root ball. After a good soaking, allow to drain thoroughly, not sit in water. I know it’s heavy and awkward, but if it could sit on a stack of newspapers overnight that would help.

  • cactusmcharris, interior BC Z4/5

    Office environment would lead me to think it's low humidity. If you want to do a long-term favour for it, depot it and remove some of the rootball and repot it with fresh soil - this also gives the roots-to-grow some room to grow.

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