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Anarobic Soil - peeeee-ewww

May 15, 2019

So it's been raining for what seems like relentlessly and we finally have a sunny day. I have this huge plop of clay soil that's been sitting in pile since I did some planting/transplants. All I can saw is PEW_EWWWWW. Super stinky anarobic wet mucky soil.

Same clay soil that's heavily ameded and tilthy (you can actually feel some depression on the good ameded soil if you were to step on it). With the heavy OM in it, me wonders, if I pull back the much and take a good shovel of the dirt and smell it, will it smell just a st1nky with all the rain we have gotten ?

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  • toxcrusadr

    Maybe. Especially if the amended soil extends very far downward into the unamended clay. That's a recipe for 'bathtub effect' which causes much of the water from the surrounding area to end up in the amended soil. The deeper you dig into clay to do this, the worse the effect. Better to amend larger areas but more shallow.

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