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Kitchen remodelling. Help with layout.

May 16, 2019
Hi All,
We bought a house and planning to redo the kitchen before we move in. Current layout does not look pratical to me. So I am looking for suggestions. Even though the kitchen is not as wide I would like. I am happy we can fit in atleast a small island. I am thinking interchanging stove and oven placements. But the stove will be more centered to the wall where the current double oven is. So you think corner gas range would work better. The corner in between current oven and fridge. And move the oven where the current gas range is. We are planning to paint the window trims white.

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  • AFritzler

    If it were me, I would move the wall ovens right beside the fridge and then put the cook top on the current wall oven wall. I would also remove the prep sink or if you want to keep it move it to the other side of the island across from the cook top.

  • cpartist

    I wouldn't do anything until you've lived in the house for at least 6 months to see how it lives and what you really need to do to improve it. I don't think your ideas are good ones. Your island as it is now is a barrier between sinks and fridge and there's a much better layout than just doing what you want to do.

    And if you want help, post a measured floor plan and a second plan showing how the kitchen relates to the rest of the house.

  • zmith

    This kitchen has obvious layout issues. Your ideas are in the right direction but would be better if the prep sink was rotated to face the refrigerator. This space could be even better if you can post a dimensioned 2D layout as cpartist mentioned, and let us see what the possibilities are.

  • S J

    Here is the 2d image with dimensions. Here is the layout we are working on. Should I add a prep sink on the island towards the stove facing the refridgerator.

  • Pam A

    I understand wanting an island, but I think in this size of room, there isn't space for an island AND a u shaped layout. The walkways are looking a little tight at 37" (I had that previously, it is SNUG to get by anyone in that kind of space).

    Could you consider removing the island and making all your lower cabinets deeper to allow for deeper counters? 30" deep lowers are an option that might work well here. That, or consider a movable island that lets you tradeoff workspace for aisle width where and when needed?

  • S J

    Thank you Pam. But would like prep space closer to stove.

  • S J

    If I move the fridge beside dishwasher. Oven to the current fridge area. Swap the walkway widths. That is 45.5 inches between sink and island. 37 inches between oven and island.
    I am the only one who cooks. Wanted add prep sink on island towards stove. Please suggest if these changes would be good.

  • artistsharonva

    Suggest a wider sink to be able to wash bigger items. 30" is on the small size a 33" w to 36" suggested

  • S J

    I did ask for 36 inch sink. Here is updated kitchen layout. We changed Refridgerator location.

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