SUMMER is here... Seasonal thread part 9

Summer is here everyone! Dog days of Summer can be very trying but I hope everyone has a great Summer rose growing season!

Post pics and just have fun!

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  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    Lisa. thank you for sharing the pictures of Jennifer's garden

    She is truly a woman with a purpose isnt she .

    I'm so glad that you have been able
    to spend time together

    Bummer about that darn traffic though.

  • pippacovalent

    Flowersaremusic...my Gruss is the regular one, not pink, it just put out some very pink blooms recently.

    Souvenir de St. Anne has put out a bunch of new blooms with more to come.

    Rose de Rescht has a new bloom with a few more buds...I love the fragrance of this rose so much!!!

    Scabiosa fama blue...always a favorite of mine.

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  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA

    My roses are nothing to brag about right now, so instead, here's my Strawberry Vanilla hydrangea. This is it's 3rd year, and I hope it gets fuller in time. I've tried hardly pruning it and pruning it super hard. Not much difference.

  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA

    One didn't post, and it's too pretty to leave out. I think it's interesting that these colors are all on the plant at the same time.

  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA

    Pippa, I went through my photos and found an old Gruss pic that is really pink, so I guess it all depends on the weather and other conditions. I've heard the pink version isn't quite as hardy or floriferous or something as the original, but I would still like to have it.

    Souv de St. Anne looks so pretty surrounded by the blue - delphinium? And, your Rose de Rescht is a vibrant beauty. I think your scabiosa is the one I've had. They're all just great in the garden and vase. The way I feel about companion plants is, if it's blue or purple, I'll take it.

    Kristine, I really think you ought to have Yves Piaget. In fact, get two, and grow one for me.

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Flowers, your hydrangea is just stunning, over the top beautiful. I think it's one of the loveliest to be had. How large is it? I think it's the color shading that first stands out, then the bloom structure which gives an overall lacy effect that goes perfectly with your house. Oh, I really want to grow it. I'm happy to read that Daisy is doing well, but the whole condition is certainly a bit puzzling. I think you're right not to subject her to another session at the vet. I don't think it would accomplish anything.

    Kristine, get three Yves Piaget. And grow me one, too. That rose's color is fabulous.

    Pippa, Souvenir de St Anne is so lovely, especially with the blue flowers. Love the scabiosa, too. It looks like we'll all be growing scabiosa next year.

    Jim, you are the catmint whisperer. Your start is growing like it's on rocket fuel. My catmint has never looked as good as your older plant. I think I need to try a new type that likes our dry heat. Maybe that's the problem. Diane

  • pippacovalent

    Wow that hydrangea is phenomenal I love it.

    The blue purple flowers with Souvenir de St Anne are salvia. I usually know the variety since most companion plants I grow from seed, but this year I had so much extra space to fill that I bought a few packs of plants to fill in and these salvia were among them. I didn't realize how much I would love them or I would have paid closer attention to their name.

    I love scabiosa fama blue but I saw a dark burgundy colored scabiosa this year in a garden and I really want to find seeds to try it.

    Speaking of catmint...I planted seeds for what was labeled catmint and thought I was successful but when it bloomed I discovered it was catnip instead...the blah white flowers were not what I wanted. I left it for a bit for the bees but I ripped it all out the other day since it was about to go to seed.

  • titian1 10b Sydney

    This is a tea towel my daughter sent me the other day. As my garden is looking increasingly bare, you can guess which part I largely am now!

    Diane, I know you asked me something the other day, but I'm sorry, I can't remember what. I enjoy reading everyone's posts and seeing the photos, but am feeling rather discouraged about my garden just now, so I don't feel like posting much.

    flowers, that hydrangea is lovely.

  • pippacovalent

    More Rose de Rescht this morning

  • joeywyomingz4b

    Jim, that catmint is so pretty! Do you have deer, if so do they bother it much?

  • joeywyomingz4b

    Y'all can tell me if you're tired of photos of Queenie, but she is one of only two continual bloomers in my garden so I am enjoying her to the fullest. Can't believe these two blooms are on the same bush! Roses are so fun!

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Pippa, your Rose de Rescht is just gorgeous, especially its color. It will be fun to see it grow bigger in its pot. Is your salvia the popular one, Salvia farinacea Victoria? It's annual here, but very popular and lovely. There are more salvias in its family, too. It's a good thing you caught that catnip before it "mutated" all over your garden. It's so invasive, plus there would have been a cat invasion, too.

    Oh, I love that tea towel, Trish. I would never want to use it, but just admire it. I ask a lot of questions, so I can't remember which one you refer to--maybe about trees planted along the property line by inconsiderate neighbors. I guess it's too late to talk to them, but you can always take a hedge trimmer to the overhang onto your property. I am so sorry your are feeling down about your garden, the roses in particular. I go through all sorts of times when I don't feel like posting, either, and we certainly understand. You have hung on with your roses longer than I probably would. Can you grow hydrangeas? Seeing Flowers gorgeous hydrangea makes me want to really, really grow one. Are you reading anything interesting? I love the Australian authors and want more!

    Flowers, another question from Diane: Do you grow Strawberry Vanilla in part shade, all shade, or mostly sun? And again, how large is SV? Sign me, Jealous.

    Here are a few photos from a couple of days ago. I think the roses are looking better than this, after some more moderate temps, so I hope to post some updates. These are Boscobel, Munstead Wood, and Twilight Zone, I think. I don't know my own roses. Diane

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    No deer here joeywyomingz4b so have no idea... Great pics!

    All wonderful photos in this thread! :-)

    I do not know what to tell you about other types of catmint for dry areas Nanadoll...?

    I'll have to research that...

  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA

    Diane, sign me, More Jealous!. I'll trade you one Strawberry Vanilla hydrangea standard for all your roses. Sounds fair to me. No? Ok, then I'll just take the three in the photos above, or any three of your choice. This, of course, includes the gardener (that would be you) in the deal, to keep them looking fabulous like they do at your house.

    SV is in partial shade, but can take full sun, according to the tag. Mine is in a corner of the house and porch, kind of NW exposure, I think. The house sits cockeyed, so I'm never sure of the direction of anything. I just follow whatever someone here in town does for theirs. I drive by frequently and when they deadhead, I deadhead. When they prune, I prune. I've never seen a live human being at that house, but their SV is magnificent and it's right out by the road, so it's easy to observe.

  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA

    Joey, I'm glad you included that last sentence in your post. It's a good reminder that we love doing this and all the hard work, aching muscles, disappointments and everything else that goes with rose gardening, really, in the end, is fun and we do it because it brings us joy.

    No one here will ever tire of your photos. When no one else is interested in more rose talk, you can always count on us to be here and to be interested. You are up against so many odds growing roses in your climate, that you are an inspiration. I complain about my winters, but you manage to grow beautiful roses, like Queen Nefertiti, in a far more severe climate, even shorter growing season and dodging bears. A continual bloomer in z4 is an outstanding rose.

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Ha, ha, Flowers...either they are ghost gardeners or they hire a gardener that knows a lot about hydrangeas. Either way, that is so great for you. Around this neighborhood, no one would venture to grow anything beyond easy care, boring stuff--although my formerly Hawaiian neighbors are showing promise. Maybe I can get her to try a hydrangea before I become so bold. Hmmm, three of my roses, and I get to move into your beautiful home so I can be your gardener? Sounds good, but prepare for maximum disruption from supremely annoying, overstaying guest.

    Jim needs a few of my deer (just joking, Jim. I would never send them our your way). Diane

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Gah...color me confused. At first I called it Vanilla Strawberry...then thought it was wrong that way, so called it Strawberry Vanilla. Then I googled it, and it's both, but mostly Vanilla Strawberry. So which name should I use? Diane

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    We have deer all around us Nanadoll they just do not venture right to here.. 200 yards from our house in the nearby woods is some deer...

  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA

    Diane, you're right - it's Vanilla Strawberry. It's my dyslexia and i'm always getting things backward. That's why most of my posts are edited and why numbers give me a headache. You also asked about size. Mine is about 6' tall and wide, maybe a touch wider to the tips of the panicles. I hard pruned it this year back to the main branches. Last year I didn't take off as much. The people I copy did the same. Theirs is super dense, but older. Mine is 3 yrs. Theirs is a shrub and mine is a standard. I wish you had room for one. There are some newer, patio sizes.

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Thanks for the info, Flowers. I have a spot that would be perfect for VS, but I'd have to remove a butterfly bush I love. It's always something. Say, maybe I should come up and steal your neighbor's hydrangea. No...naughty thought. If you're dyslexic, I'm incoherent. You express yourself as well as any one I know.

    Jim, must be those chicken deer--ha. You are so lucky. Would your fence keep them out of your back yard? Our mule deer are huge, so it would probably take a border wall to keep them out.

    Joey, your pics just posted here. Undependable Houzz. Your Queen is amazing, and doubly so as Flowers said, in your growing conditions. And yes, that bud looks like it's from a different rose--quite interesting. I wonder just why Austin no longer carries Queen Nefertiti? Doesn't make sense. Diane

  • joeywyomingz4b

    Flowers thank you for the encouraging comments! My gardens don't look like all of yours, everything is wrapped up behind chicken wire to keep the predators at bay, but I have loved roses since I was a little girl and I am determined to grow them even if conditions aren't ideal and just enjoy the positives.

    Diane thank you, and I have no idea why they wouldn't keep QN on. I am just really glad that High Country Roses grew this one! It is like having a cream, a yellow, a peach and a pink rose all rolled into one.

  • Deborah (10a or 9b - Sunset 24)

    Hello, lovely people! I thought I would look up one thing really quickly -- and now an hour later I'm still browsing Houzz rose forum...I miss you all. I really need some "down time" so I can catch up on your lives and gardens. Know that I think of you all often and fondly! And I take photos of my roses that I never post... Happy Guacamole Day and almost fall...

  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA

    Trish, I wish we could pool all the great minds here and collectively come up with a solution for your roses. It is disheartening to think of the pleasure they bring you and all the hours you've put into them, just to have to remove them. I'm frustrated for you. I wonder if other rose gardeners in your area have come up against the same problem. Is it possible the former owner buried a toxic liquid or sprayed so heavily with something like RoundUp that the soil is ruined for generations? But, it's not the soil, if I remember. And, your other plants are not affected. So frustrating.

    Joey, we do what we gotta do. I never envisioned deer fencing around our place, but it's my only option, so I'm thankful for it. Chicken wire cages aren't so bad when you consider the alternative.

    Deborah, it's good to hear from you. Just drop in and say hi more often when you have a minute.

  • HalloBlondie (zone5a) Ontario, Canada

    Ok well I'm very far behind now. I was busy for a few days & didn't have time to check in & now I'm so far behind!

    @Flowers - love your hydrangea! I planted a similar one in July. It's called strawberry sundae, in shrub form. More compact than than the limelights I have. I think it will be a nice change from all my white hydrangeas. I also enjoyed the counting your roses post. I had never seen that one, so thanks for bringing it up again. It's so true & funny how we can justify our hobby.

    @Lisa - you mentioned my gardens freshness back there somewhere & it's funny because I was just thinking the other day about how year round gardens must need a lot of extra care to remove spent flowers, leaves, etc. And when a perennial is done for the season, how do you hide it's less attractive form as a plant dies back? Whereas, here the cold weather does most of my cleaning for me. And now we are in the part of the season where things are starting to fade or are overgrown and look a lot less meticulously kept than I prefer. You must spend a lot of time cleaning things up in your garden!

    @lilyfinch - your arts & crafts project turned out great! It's super cool that she gets a custom dino/name piece for her room, that is also pretty! I'm also glad to see that you and Lisa have found each other & are having a great time! Your yard already is looking like you have been there a lot longer than you have. I can't believe how much you have accomplished while expecting. And it looks great!

  • HalloBlondie (zone5a) Ontario, Canada

    @Diane - I'm surprised you do not have at least one panicle hydrangea! They like the sun and once established can tolerate drier conditions than my roses. They are very different than the macrophylla hydrangeas. You should get one. I leave the dried blooms on for winter interest. There are a lot of varieties now too, some large & some compact; like flowers mentioned.

    @Trish - sorry you are not having a good time gardening right now :( That must be so discouraging. I think we all go through phases where we are not happy with our plants due to disease, insects, weather, etc. I wish we could help you out with it.

    @Joey - not sick of Queenie yet. It looks and sounds like a good one. It's on my radar if I ever see it for purchase now.

    @gardennut - your pictures above are very pretty, thanks for sharing!

  • HalloBlondie (zone5a) Ontario, Canada

    @Nola - I said Munstead probably would not get
    past 2 feet because in it's second year it has not shown any indication of more height. Plus, usually if an Austin rose is noted to be of a smaller size in general, it is typically even smaller here. But it's good to hear that yours is larger than that in a similar zone. It is a good rose overall though!

    Well I think I'm caught up. Any photos I missed commenting on were thoroughly enjoyed. We are having another bought of nice summer like weather for a few days. Unfortunately we have had more than a month of cool nights with a lot of dew. So the roses are starting to develop their annual late season blackspot and/or powdery mildew a bit earlier than expected. Hopefully, everything can hold on for another couple months. I enjoy fall a lot, but I'm dreading the
    change to winter. Mind you I will have a lot more time to relax and do other things beside weeding and watering!

  • HalloBlondie (zone5a) Ontario, Canada

    Here's a few recents - Darcy, Carding mill, Munstead, Hibiscus - berry awesome, Maurice Utrillo & porch planter.

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    Our 4ft fence probably would not keep out deer Nanadoll...lol

    Wonderful photos!

  • garden nut z9b

    Margate of Scots has a bloom today that looks like it has a higher petal count than her previous blooms. She might have slightly higher count than Julia child

  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA

    Garden nut, how exciting to have grown that yourself! I would be over the moon. That yellow still seems so much deeper and more saturated than any other yellow out there. You've inspired me to try my hand with some seeds this winter. Probably not the best time to do it, but some of my roses are producing lots of hips right now. Mme. Isaac Pereire is loaded because I didn't deadhead her last flush. Scabrosa has hips the size of crab apples, and lots of them. Do you have any tips for a beginner?

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    Blondie. your Maurice Utillo is such a gorgeous strippy

    Another beauty to add to my must have

  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA

    Blondie, I've seen Strawberry Sundae, and it's a great one. Should work for Diane, being a smaller size. Have you seen the account on IG of the garden in Denmark that's almost all Llimelights? Her patio is bordered on every side by Limelights. Quite stunning. It's gncgarden.

    After a couple of windy days, I spent 2 days raking until dark so I could get a photo of the garden this year. When I went out the next morning, it didn't look like it had been raked all summer. It's like trying to keep the house dusted with construction going on at the same time.

    I don't remember seeing your Maurice U rose before. He's a handsome fella. Your roses look good for this time of year. Mine are starting to get yellow leaves. I keep telling them 'not yet!', it's too soon!

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    Hello new friends

    kristine_legault's ideas · More Info

    Distant Drums, Bolero, Buxom beauty and Violets pride

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    Looking good garden nut z9b!

    he he on your new friends Kristine!

  • pippacovalent

    Yay Kristine!! I have all of those except Buxom Beauty. Distant Drums is so much fun with the unpredictable colors.

    This is my Distant Drums this morning. Super orangey.

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    Holy moly Pippa, look at that Distant Drums. I have never wanted that rose until my neice planted it and I saw how fabulous it is. So now I have my very own. I am excited about all of them actually . Such fun. And my husband didn't even freak out lol

  • joeywyomingz4b

    Kristine are those from the High Country Roses fall sale? I have a list...been waiting til the sale starts but I am having trouble getting the website to load.

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    No, I got them from roses Unlimited

    Nice roses but her shipping is crazy expensive, $56 for 4 roses.

    Thanks for the heads up on the sale at High country

  • Deborah (10a or 9b - Sunset 24)

    I feel the rose lust creeping up on me again...but I have no room! I may take out Madam Anisette finally. I'm sure she'll bloom her head off the minute I give her away. No idea what I'd pick to put in her place, though...

    My big project after gallivanting around the world with students was giving up on a flagstone path as it was -- first grass, then decomposed granite -- now...drumroll...grout. Yup. No more pesky weeds, I pray. I'm sure it will crack. Oh well. I'll see if I can rustle up a photo...

    So nice to see your photos and hear from old friends. Kristine -- glad you finally got a Distant Drums. One of my most reliable/beautiful roses. Couldn't bear to part with that one, ever! Pippa -- mine have never looked like yours!

  • Sheila z8a Rogue Valley OR

    Beautiful, Deborah!

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Deborah, I'd like to walk down that path, round the end and solve the tantalizing mystery of what lies beyond. Sigh. Glad your home and your travels sound so intriguing. Tell us more when your have some time--I would love to read about those adventures, since I no longer have them. I guess just getting through a day is an adventure for someone my age.

    Blondie, severe lack of space seems to be the main thing keeping me from at least one hydrangea, but I also think we have the wrong kind of soil (thin, dry, and alkaline) to be very successful with them. Our climate doesn't help, either. My friend and gardening mentor, who knows more about plants than I ever will, has never been successful growing hydrangeas here, either. I do pretty well with hibiscus and love those of yours. I think I'm going to get a repeat bloom out of at least one of my hibiscus, if it doesn't get too cold first. Your planter is still perfection, and I'm impressed with the Carding Mill beauty. Our temps have plummeted, and we actually had quite a bit of rain (and wind--boo) last night. But keep the rain coming, Kristine.

    Pippa, love the orange of Distant Drums, but it's bloom form is pretty cute, too.

    Below is Angel Face of a couple of days ago. This rose enjoys summer heat--she's definitely a California girl. Tamora in the next pics shows how her petals and color increase when it cools down. Diane

  • HalloBlondie (zone5a) Ontario, Canada

    @Kristine - Congrats on your new roses. I can't believe you got even more. How many are you up to now? I think you would like Maurice.

    @Flowers - Maurice is new this year. Growing really nicely so far, looks promising for bloom production too. It's very interesting for colour variations. I'll have to see how winter treats it! And I will check out that Insta account too.

    @Diane - I have very sandy soil here and the panicle hydrangeas do well. Plus, everything you grow looks fabulous, so I'm sure your garden magic would work, haha! Your latest photos are evidence of your garden magic! I never see too much about Tamora, but yours looks great.

    @Deborah - I would like to meander along that path too!

  • HalloBlondie (zone5a) Ontario, Canada

    Here's some different blooms to show the variations. I prefer the softer faded look.

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    Deborah, I cant even believe the work that it took to build your flagstone path . I would love to see what treasures it is leading to.

    There is a product called polymer sand. You sweep it between the joints and then water it. It forms a solid joint. I love the no weed plan. That is the bain of my existence, my weedy path way.

    Diane, we were only supposed to get rain until Thursday

    Now it looks like all weekend so I will head it your way next .

    Your Angel Face with its pretty ruffled petals is really lovely

    Blondie, your Maurice is killer! I like it in all of its colors.

    How many roses do I have ? Let's see. I think 60 with 7 ordered

    The baby has her 1st cold and she was up every 2 hours last night boy am I pooped to day we also have a brand new baby going to be born this morning so exciting times in Southern Oregon.

  • garden nut z9b

    Flowers I just make sure to clean the hairlike fibres off the seeds and then they would need to be chilled or sowed during cooler weather and protected from frost. Margret of Scots came from a seed tray that I planted and left outside during February or March. The way I did it I ended up with four seedlings out of about 3 dozen seeds, I think if I had given the seeds more chill they would have germinated better.

  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA

    Garden nut, I'm going to try it. The seeds will get plenty of chill here, so I take it, winter is not a bad time for this experiment, as long as I don't let them freeze? Do you ever do anything else with your hips? Like rose tea? I've never tried it, but I have Scabiosa, and I think one of her hips would make a whole pot of tea. They're like crab apples.

    Blondie, I love the last pics of Maurice the best. Looks like he also gets more ruffled as he ages. It makes for a beautiful bush seeing all the colors at once.

    Diane, your roses are always consistent in form. Mine aren't and I'm not sure why. Tamora has been as full as in your pics, but this year she's more of a semi double. She needs a stern talking to. LOVE the ruffles on Angel Face.

    Today's plan is to move a sulking Wild Blue Yonder to Summer Romance's old spot. He's my last WBY, and I want to save him. His brothers are gone, and his cousin, Outta The Blue, is also gone. The problem is winter. He'll be protected next to Peppermint Pop, so that may help. I just cut PP w-a-y back so poor little Tamora can grow upright.

  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA

    Here are a couple from yesterday.

    I forget about little White Meidiland. HMF says up to 4', but mine is a ground cover.

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