Full house reno - splurge vs. save

9 months ago

So, due to a house fire, we're having to rebuild the entire inside of our house (and a bit of the outside too). We hired an architect and he abandoned the project halfway through, essentially pushing everything back four months. That's four months closer to insurance no longer paying for our rental house, rental furniture, storage of anything that was salvagable, etc. None of this is relevant except that it explains my reasons for having to look for ways to save. We've lost 4 months out of 12 and our expenses are going to skyrocket when insurance stops paying for them.

Can you help me find ways to save money (and possibly time) to get my family of 5 back home? I'm especially open to making decisions on things I can change in five years or so to upgrade. Examples for me might be to choose a laminate countertop that I can live with for a while and downgrading my appliances. I just have so many decisions to make that I know I'm probably forgetting some obvious ways I could save money on this project.

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