Beauty-Parlor chitchat - The new Mrs. Simpson?

January 8, 2020

Edith, have you heard the latest about Meghan and Harry and how The Palace reacted?

As an anglophile, I'm kind of shocked. I don't particularly follow them unless it's in my face, and this was in my face. Wow. "Apparently" QE2 is angry along with the other senior royals who weren't told about the plans until after they were published. This must bring back horrid memories of Wallis Simpson to QE2.

I know some will say "It's their life, their business, let them be." IMO, it goes much much deeper than that.

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  • nini804

    I still can’t “like” posts, Bunny, but would’ve liked yours! So glad you got to meet him...he is so inspiring! When he was the Bishop for our diocese, we never missed church when he visited our parish. His sermons were just amazing.

    I am grateful that I don’t visit HT if there are people on there that would find fault with him...he is one of those Christians who lives his faith in such a way that he influences others to join him.

  • LucyStar1

    I am a big fan of Harry and Meghan. I've sent several cards and letters to them at Kensington Palace and now at Clarence House and have received cards back. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I follow them a lot and I know how bad the tabloid stories have been about them. The lies and trashing have been really bad, especially when she was pregnant. The Queen has instructed her staff, along with Prince Charles and Prince William, to work out a solution. According to the Telegraph, the Queen has instructed courtiers to turn the crisis into an opportunity, and to hash out a 'workable solution' to the issue. And the Queen has asked for a blueprint that is workable not just for Harry and Meghan but could also apply to following generations including Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. I hope that this story is true.

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  • jojoco

    For those here who are so annoyed by Meghan (and to a lesser degree, Harry), what would you like to see happen? Do you want Meghan to fail in Canada? Or perhaps not go to Canada and continue life as usual in the UK? A life that objectively speaking, has been made much more difficult by the Meghan-hating media. All this anger towards her—I don’t get it. Here’s hoping all involved get a chance to live that princely goal of happily ever after.

  • IdaClaire

    I also don't understand the comments that Harry and William are being torn apart. How will that happen? Do people think that geographic and duty differences mean that the brothers are estranged?

  • gsciencechick

    I feel for Harry; I really do. He was very young when his mother died, he knows the role the paparazzi had in it, so I don't blame him one bit for protecting his wife and child from constant hounding of the tabloid press. Also the racism involved.

  • Bunny

    All this anger towards her—I don’t get it.

    I think it's primarily racism.

  • Toby

    After reading some of the comments here, I can see why they'd want to withdraw from the public. Some of you are doing the same thing that was done to Diana. The public's obsession with her personal life was fed by the paparazzi and caused her death.

  • nini804

    I’ll speak up bc I said I had never cared for her...I found her disingenuous from the very beginning. Of course, I don’t care all THAT much bc a. I’m not British so have no tax money “skin” in the game, and b. I have a pretty busy life so don’t think about the royals except when my daily dose of lovely mindless infotainment (GMA, lol) is inundated with stories about them. Like now. I can most assuredly assure you my gut dislike of her had absolutely NOTHING to do with race...I didn’t even know she was AA at first! And I don’t have any conscious racist thoughts about anyone, ever, although I have read that some people believe that anyone who isn’t AA has some latent racism due to their intrinsic whiteness, but I like to think this is an extreme view. It‘s actually pretty sad that a white person can’t dislike an AA person without being considered racist.

    I feel like I can understand a bit why the Brits are miffed at M, that’s all. Of course there are very good reasons for them to an above post I listed some reasons that *I* think M should have been a stronger person and influenced H by trying to help strengthen his relationships with his family, use their considerable platform to enhance the charities they care about, and combat racism in UK by being THERE! Show them how wrong they are. She married into a very public life...she KNEW it would be a public life. Now poor Queen Elizabeth is caught in a terrible situation regarding her family and the British public. I can see why people are upset over there, that’s all. I don’t wish them any ill will. I just hope H has truly thought through all this.

  • LucyStar1

    IdaClaire, there does seem to be some truth to the stories that William and Harry have grown apart. From what I have read, Harry had some talks with his father about six months ago advising him that he and Meghan were not happy and wanted to step away from Royal duties. It was around this time that stories started coming out about a rift between the brothers, probably because William was not happy with Harry's plans.

  • IdaClaire

    There are many Brits who don't care one whit about the royal family. Just don't want any of us to think that an entire country is concerned about this.

  • Arapaho-Rd

    The saying, if you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem. Only MM knows which part she is.

  • robo (z6a)

    There are quite a few examples where Meghan and Kate have done the exact same thing and M has been lambasted. It must be tiring. For royal watchers, I’d advise to beware because the media you’re consuming are so slanted and biased, it’s easy to create a false impression of someone.

  • robo (z6a)

    It seems from the outside like the coverage must be extraordinarily negative to provoke a letter of support from 72 female Members of Parliament (about 1/3 of female MPs)

  • chipotle

    I am grateful that I don’t visit HT if there are people on there that would find fault with him.

    Don't kid yourself. It's not just people on HT.

  • l pinkmountain

    I do not think that people in general are disliking MM because of race. However, the idea that MM bashing for piddly stuff is OK, is probably promulgated by some with race issues, and even others with issue about her not being British, and the list of piddly stuff goes on and on, which I find stupid since as I mentioned before, he's not that important even under the best of circumstances as far as being in line to become the ceremonial head of the country. There are many, many others in the family corporation ahead of him. I'm not saying that everyone who dislikes her is racist, just that for some, the open season on them has racism as a part of it.

    As for kerfuffles, the point was prejudice. At one time, the British public was deemed so prejudicial that it would be the "end of the monarchy" if a British royal (not in line for the crown in any meaningful way) married a divorcee, let alone get divorced. No matter that most of the British public could not have cared less about the monarchy period, regardless of their marital status, enough media folks realized they can make money on piddly scandals that it was deemed a thing. And now, I think the majority of Elizabeth's children have gotten divorced.

    As for Meghan not having much of a relationship with her family, A. from what they have given to the media, who can blame her, and B. this is fairly common for millennials, particularly under a divorce (I mean how much of a relationship did Harry have with his mother's divorced extended family??) and C. modern social media is always encouraging us to not let anyone disrespect us, to follow our inner desires, and to exclude "toxic" people from our lives, so MM and Harry are typical of their generation.

    What I find incredulous, is with the world on the brink of war, rather than report in depth investigations and information on Iran, (or anything else of importance and substance for citizens of the world) this is a big item in the daily news. Bread and circuses and I can rightly understand why someone, even someone who is fine with celebrity and playing a role/part, would want to opt out. I shudder to think how I would enjoy my every social moment being analyzed and everyone I ever knew suddenly becoming an armchair quarterback on my life. That's not necessary to that level, even if you are a figurehead.

    Edited to add that I have read a lot of snarky stuff about MM wanting to be a princess since childhood and coming from a messed up family. This is where prejudice comes in to play. Take a look at Lady Diana Spencer's family and upbringing. She came from a family with strong ties and aspirations towards the monarchy. Her parents had an acrimonious divorce and custody battle over the children. There could have been plenty of snark, and in fact there was snark, about Diana being emotionally damaged and having borderline personality issues due to her family circumstances. So count me in with Harry as wanting the couple to get the heck away from all that kind of mess. He has been there and done that. I also read snarky articles about how MM was so ambitious and railroaded a vulnerable Harry into marriage after only a short time of dating. No one raised an eyebrow when Prince Charles proposed to a much younger Lady Di after a similarly short period of courtship.

  • maddielee

    If you don’t think Meghan was treated badly by the press, this article about how the press covered how one shoulder dresses were worn might change your mind.

  • amyktexas

    I have been pondering if Harry wanted to abdicate fully his place in the succession and his family told him no, but offered no other solution to escape.

    Andrew is next in line behind him. Yikes.

  • arcy_gw

    MIxed ancestry, divorced, American, working class, entertainer--pick ONE any of them are enough to rile the purist blue blood. Even in the good ole USofA I would bet the MMs of the world do not fit in our highest brow societal events--unless they are the help. Harry and MM need to take some advise from other celebrities. STOP READING WHAT THEY WRITE ABOUT YOU!! If you believe the good you have to believe the bad--and that's just a total waste of time.

  • lakeaffect

    Arcy, your entire post is blatantly racist, classist and sexist, not the only one in this thread containing those elements of course, but yours is truly a full on display of ignorance and hatred. SMDH

  • lulu bella

    ((((sorry if you are offended)))))

    ********--- Disclaimer ---******* THIS IS IN TERRIBLE TASTE but it does kind of go with the comment about Andrew next in line?

    I saw this and thought of this thread. Yes it's terrible taste but there's some relevance here. ((((sorry if you are offended)))))

    ((((sorry if you are offended)))))

  • Oakley

    Robo, I was one of those who thought it incredibly strange that MM was constantly holding her tummy and this was before I read how others felt the same. Kate rarely did that when pictures were taken, but every single time Meghan knew cameras were around, there goes the hand on the tummy. When I had my first born I had a lot of friends pregnant at the same time, and none of us did that.

    Nice letter from the women MP's, however, they were talking about the British press and I have no clue what all their press said about MM, unless it was about decisions the Sussex's made regarding the hidden birth of their child and other such strange decisions they made. Which leads me to this.

    The moment H&M married, it's as if they immediately went out of their way to let everyone know the monarchy is forevermore "Progressive." IMO, they were begging for attention and by golly they got it but not in the way they hoped.

    Why didn't they take their time making statements and doing all the crazy and unheard of things they did? It was in-your-face non-stop on their part. Why not lay low for awhile and just get used to being a newlywed and sweet little family instead of bringing so much negative attention onto themselves? Instead it was weekly "Look at us!" actions they took, and some were hypocritical like the carbon footprint thing.

    About MM. As I said above, I never gave her much thought until she and Harry married. Before they married, Harry was all smiles. Look at the pictures of him since, he is angry in most pictures unless he's with the public. I'm sure most of it is due to the press merely taking their picture as they do to all royals, so why the outrage Harry? Why did Harry become an angry man when he married? JMO, but it seems his wife is feeding him all this negativity because of things she did which brought out negative press. They are deflecting their actions onto the press. Blaming the victim. And again, Meghan is no Diana so don't go there, Harry.

    I know I'm long winded but THIS IS WHY I'm putting most of the blame of this public travesty onto MM. After their "much needed vacation" (que the violin) and they both came back to the UK, they immediately made The Announcement after the Queen asked that they wait until plans for their exit was figured out. Strike 3 from them against the Queen. And then Ms. Sussex immediately fled the country. Why? Why the need to HIDE from the family? Those are the actions of someone who is guilty & it was a cowardly thing to do.

  • allison0704

    I've read the majority of the posts and "liked" quite a bit of them. DH has on the news and now they are saying word close to them is H&M are planning a "tell all" with someone, possibly Oprah. Dubbed a "soap-oprah." Lord. I hope not. I can understand how they would crave privacy, but if they truly want privacy, they would stop doing these types of interviews (Africa, for example) and move under the radar. I think it could be done, but they are going about it in ALL the wrong ways.

    I read the article Nini linked, but have since read more posts, for forgot my points I was going to make. LOL. I will say that gaining "financial independence" will be easy when he's got his inheritance, plus they are both young enough to continue working/earning money in multiple ways - many of those that would be in the public's eye, so we will see if they truly want privacy.

  • IdaClaire

    MIxed ancestry, divorced, American, working class, entertainer--pick ONE any of them are enough to rile the purist blue blood. Even in the good ole USofA I would bet the MMs of the world do not fit in our highest brow societal events--unless they are the help.


    I'll try to give you the benefit of the doubt, but even so, that's an extremely archaic and erroneous view.

  • olliesmom

    I don't think it's race related, even though the press wants to make it seem like it is. Unless I read it somewhere, I wouldn't even have known she was half African American. I think her wacko and lower class family just isn't "up to par" with what the royal family thinks Harry should have chosen. MM has proven so far, she is not a very strong woman. I don't think he chose well. But, now they are a family, so if he feels very strongly about keeping his family together-then he has to do what he has to do.

    Do they honestly think it is going to go better here in the U.S.??? Uh, no!

  • lakeaffect

    Many posts on this thread reek of white privilege and dog whistle phrasing.

  • runninginplace

    Warning: jaundiced eye view ahead:

    I worked in an organization a long time, and eventually got to the point at which although I was never a top dog I was privy to most of what went on at that level. Creating special events, observing power grabs, parsing the movements of leaders climbing up or falling down the ladder, watching high level power plays at meetings, following the making and unmaking of enmities and friendships....all the things humans do to each other at work as part of that social/relationship fabric. I tend to believe that all organizations composed of humans have similar dynamics.

    So I'm reading this topic and watching news coverage with the same bemused/amused reaction: do people including some of the breathless opiners here think we the general public REALLY knows anything at all about what goes on behind the scenes?! I mean seriously, the endless reams of 'news' AKA outsider gossip, the plethora of speculation, the reading of tea leaves based on what some public figure says or does, um, in public including via interviews or info leaks....we have absolutely no clue about the inner truth of the dynamics among the corporate structure of the British royalty.

  • 3katz4me

    Ya, I know nothing about the royal family/life other than what I "learned" from watching The Crown. I don't know if any part of that is at all similar to real life but watching it has given me a new appreciation for how complicated the whole situation is. I think it's probably safe to say that aspect of it is accurate.

  • IdaClaire

    Running, you said that perfectly. My experience echos yours, in achieving that certain view of what happens at the very top of organizations. It's enlightening, to say the least, and I have watched the wheels turning to propel the gossip machine forward at lower levels of the organization with a bemused and helpless feeling, as it was not within my purview to correct the misperceptions, but misperceptions they most definitely were.

    You are absolutely correct, though. We can suppose and opine all we want, but we do not KNOW with any certainty whatsoever. I understand it's human nature to form opinions based on limited information and hearsay, but I too remain somewhat surprised by what some in this very thread seem to believe they "know."

    In fact, this promped me to snark a bit at DH over the weekend, when he relayed a story to me about a neighbor of his parents who is on hospice and not expected to live much longer. DH was told that the wife had been pushing to sell the dying man's motorcycle, and DH was going on about what a terrible thing that was, and why couldn't she simply allow him to think that he might ride again someday without the need to do something at this very moment? I told him perhaps they need the money. He said no, they're well off. I told him perhaps there are any number of reasons why this has come up now, and they don't necessarily have to be borne of a selfish or hurtful agenda. I think I was a bit "strong" in relaying my opinion to him, and I'm not sure I managed to convince him that what he relayed to me was hearsay. Sometimes I find my patience worn thin with the conclusions that people jump to based on a very small bit of information. I know I do it too from time to time, but I don't like it in myself any better.

  • olliesmom

    I agree! I know nothing really! LOL. I don't even keep up with it that much. Heck, I didn't even watch The Crown.

    Do you honestly think the royal family doesn't have their own "standards"? It doesn't make it right, but you have to know they do. Their standards aren't my standards.

  • Arapaho-Rd

    Everything aside, the fact that two brothers, only siblings, who were once inseparable (prior to MM) and are now estranged (after MM) is utterly sad and disturbing for them and the family. I hope the Queen and Prince Charles can somehow bring them back together.

  • graywings123

    . . . who were once inseparable (prior to MM) and are now estranged (after MM)

    And how do you know that?

  • maddielee

    How do you know they were “inseparable”? They are grown men. if they were indeed inseparable that would concern me more then the fact that have become their own selves.

    BREAKING NEWS!!! They have released a statement!

  • IdaClaire

    Tom Smykowski just keeps getting richer.

  • l pinkmountain

    My husband and his brothers are 2 years apart, and they were inseparable as children and teens. They grew up, developed separate lives, and now barely speak. All of which can happen regardless of any input from a wife or two. The projection onto the royal family is entertaining, baffling, and quite scary. As only a casual royal observer, there's no evidence other than showing up for photo shoots together, that the two were "inseparable" as adults. Harry has always been a bit of a wild child, obviously had some issues prior to marrying MM. To lay the responsibility for a husband's issues one way or the other, entirely on the wife . . . well I know it is done all the time, and IMHO a lot of the time is sad. Heck, a lot of "family businesses" are ripped apart by siblings who carry issues over from childhood and differing paths and marriages, etc., and can't get along. I would say that is the norm, not the exception. Harry, like his mother before him, probably has a love hate, moth to a flame relationship with publicity and the media. I was never all that interested in Diana as a public figure, she had beauty and a knack for striking a pose, but also had her limits as to how well she could manage it. That too was a bit of a sad story.

    I didn't take offense to Arcy's post because it was just a review of all of the possible reasons someone would have for being prejudiced or disliking MM. Not that Arcy held those ideas. And believe me, I have heard many of them. I'll never forget my British friend mimicking her mom talking about Sarah Ferguson . . . "Vulgar, vulgar, vulgar!" I sort of feel about this the way I felt about all the publicity Charlie Sheen got when he argued with the producers of "Two and a Half Men." I think it's sad that people are interested in family dramas not their own, but also that folks are so happy to make money off of sad, dysfunctional family situations. But it does no good for me to wring my hands or spend time writing about it here, it will always be the case with human nature. The couple is not blameless, but people with mental health issues often engage in attention seeking behavior and how sad it is that society so often eggs them on. Particularly in this age of social media.

  • Arapaho-Rd

    graywings23, maddielee.... not sure how anyone is sure of anything being said here. It a discussion/conversation. On that note, we're all entitled to our opinions.

  • Oakley

    It is well known the brothers have been extremely close since the death of their mother. We've seen them together relentless times smiling, arms around each other's shoulders, making mental illness their (including Kate) #1 Charity because of personal experiences. Then Mrs. Simpson came along.

    For me, it's not them wanting an independent life from the family, it's how they did it and the reasons behind it. Speed of lightening and anyone who gets hurt because of it, well tough.

    I'm taking a wild guess here, it looks like we really do have Mrs. Simpson Part Two. Harry basically has abdicated, and the statement Buckingham Palace put out per the Queen, called the couple Harry and Meghan. Not the Duke and Duchess of Sussex like is always done.

    Ten bucks that within five years Harry will be a Duke again. :)

  • chipotle

    Robo, I was one of those who thought it incredibly strange that MM was constantly holding her tummy and this was before I read how others felt the same. Kate rarely did that when pictures were taken, but every single time Meghan knew cameras were around, there goes the hand on the tummy. When I had my first born I had a lot of friends pregnant at the same time, and none of us did that.

  • chipotle

    Here Are 20 Headlines Comparing Meghan Markle To Kate Middleton That Might Show Why She And Prince Harry Are Cutting Off Royal Reporters

    Over the years, Meghan has been shamed for the same things for which her sister-in-law, Kate, has been praised.


    I just don't understand strangers to the Royal Family taking a fascination to that family's personal business. In this situation, I classify a stranger as someone not a member of the Royal Family. It's in the press, I get that, but that doesn't mean that one should have dig heels in opinions about agendas, feelings and private goings on within the family. It's the Royal Family's business and no one else's. No one outside that circle knows what the truth is, or how they got to that truth.

    It reminds me of my bat shat crazy neighbor who spy's on us, is grossly curious about our business, is very intrusive--uses her binoculars to look in our windows ((per her own words)), stands at our windows (like a creep) and looks in and sometimes even hunches down below the window to eavesdrop on an open window and will hide behind bushes to listen to us when we are in the back yard and peep through the slats in the fence and makes up all manner of untrue garbage about us and will tell any one who will listen to her--even attendees to her garage sales. How we know she makes false statements, is because she's also very loud and we can not help but to hear her even through closed windows. Our homes are very close to each other. To an outsider, her bananas behavior might sound similar to what tabloids do to the Royal Family.

    I wish all of them well. I can't imagine how difficult it is to perform philanthropic duties while trying to keep one's sanity within the scope of raising a family, keep a marriage alive, fresh, safe feeling and rewarding, and give the impression of all is well to the entire world. When, to the entire world, it's only an amusement. It's hard enough to go to work at a regular no paparazzi sort of job each day and do the above imo. Throw in some PTSD on Harry's part and a not stable in-law situation on MM's side...these are mental and emotional drains on anyone. I wish peace for them all. They will sort it out.

  • IdaClaire

    It's in the press, I get that, but that doesn't mean that one should have dig heels in opinions about agendas, feelings and private goings on within the family. It's the Royal Family's business and no one else's. No one outside that circle knows what the truth is, or how they got to that truth.

    Ain't that the truth! I have an ongoing situation within my own circle that encompasses estrangement and about 75% of the time, I myself have no idea what the hell is happening or HAS happened to cause the actions of others. To think we "know" what the royals feel or think is preposterous, IMO. I don't even know what some people with whom I've been exceedingly close think or feel. And I'll bet if we're honest, we could ALL say that about someone in our own lives. Yet we think we "know" Harry and William and Meghan and the queen? Um, no.


    Exactly Ida.

  • runninginplace

    "It is well known the brothers have been extremely close since the death of their mother. We've seen them together relentless times smiling, arms around each other's shoulders"

    Oakley, respectfully it is NOT well known what the relationship is based on publicly released authorized photo opportunities! You keep posting these statements as if you are fully confident in your 'facts' and the truth is, the collective you has not a clue what really goes on inside their world.

    Seems to me that folks who enjoy all this hoopla like to think of it as if it's some kind of real life soap opera and that the 'audience' has some kind of inside scoop on what's really happening. Neither of which is true IMO.

  • tinam61

    Perfectly said Running! I don't get the obsession. I would certainly hate to be in Harry or MM's shoes. Not a life I would want.

  • Olychick

    I just hope some of the people posting their "opinions" and declarations of "guilt" about another family's private lives and concerns aren't ever sitting on a jury deciding my fate.

  • amicus

    Here's my 2 cents. This all reminds me of the Robert Frost poem, 'The Road Not Taken.' I believe that Prince William and Prince Harry are not presently, and will never be estranged. They are simply on two different paths now. But the future that Prince William was born into, could never be what Prince Harry might choose for his future, through no choice of their own.

    As young children, it was not evident to them that their destinies would be vastly different. But as time passed, they came to where two roads diverged, and Prince William had to enter the straight, one way road, with no exits off to a different destination, than eventually leading to the throne of England. In contrast, Prince Harry's road offers many exits, onto new branching roads, that lead to a great variety of possibilities and destinations.

    I believe these brothers still share the bond that began as young boys, which grew even stronger, with the tragic loss of their beloved mother. I feel that neither will ever jeopardize their personal relationship, knowing their close bond would be their mother's proudest accomplishment, and likewise, an estrangement would be her greatest heartbreak. Prince Harry just can't take the same road as Prince William, so he's branching off in a direction he feels is best, to devote himself to both his Royal Family and his personal family, and to many less fortunate.

    Prince Harry's less regal road will have a much broader reach, by giving him the freedom to access other avenues of philanthropic ventures, that might never be attained within the specific agendas, customary only to senior members of the Royal Family.

    I believe Diana would be proud that her younger son is willing to downgrade his royal 'status' to offer his children the benefit of a less entitled life, while still serving the Monarchy, but in a non regimented capacity. Why is it assumed that Meghan Markle put all this in Prince Harry's head, rather than the possibility that he finally found a partner who shares his ideals, and is willing to forego the lifestyle that most women would expect, when marrying into a Royal Family?

  • patl8

    Oh my gosh this is hilarious if parody, scary if we truly believe we know anything about these people's private lives. I can conjecture with the best of them but knowing full well it is all BS!

    "Why did Harry become an angry man when he married? " Are you serious, you KNOW Harry became an angry man when he married??!!. LOL!!!

  • jojoco

    Well said, Amicus.

  • gsciencechick

    Amicus, that was a great perspective.

  • lizbeth-gardener

    Very well said, Amicus, and I really think you nailed it with the last sentence.

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