Back yard from heck, drainage options needed please?

7 days ago

@Yardvaark and other pros: I have a similar problem. I am in the south and so I have a drainage ditch to the right of my house. There are a ton of trees in my backyard (too many). We get flash floods but most water flows into the ditch and all ok. In the pictures, it was raining buckets for over a week. Other yards flooded with standing water 6 or more inches deep. The ditch helps.

After living here for 4 years, I have noticed my left neighbors' yards are uphill from mine. Water is flowing all the way down to my yard then to the ditch. Now the ditch is almost no more. The small side yard on that right side is slowly disappearing.

I was wondering about a retaining wall for sure. My question: what would tell me if a French drain is needed or if dry creek beds will work, to direct water into the ditch? This is all new to me and my money is tight. Hoping for a relatively easy fix. Do I even need a retaining wall? Pictures are from left to right.

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