Walk-in Closet Colors

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I'm converting a spare bedroom into a walk-in closet / dressing room. I have my measurements, layout, and modular closets ready.

I'm struggling with choosing paint colors. I'd love a masculine, moody feel. However, I want the space to still be functional and have proper lighting.

Here are photos of the bedroom in its current state (the furniture is staged). As well as photos of the modular closet system, dresser, and mirror. I'm going with a dark wood finish. The modulars attach to the wall and float off the floor.

I'm also looking for suggestions on a rug, a dressing room bench for the center of the room, and light fixtures for above the modular closets (or maybe some type of LED strips?).

Any and all design ideas would be appreciated!

This is the room currently (with staged furniture).

Dresser will be in the nook under the window.

Mirror will be on the wall to the left of the side window.

Large modular system will be on the wall where the bed currently is.

A combination of these two shelving modulars will be on the wall to the left of the room's closet.

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