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6 days ago

Hello all: Hope you had a great Easter.

We are renovating our 14 years old home, making open kitchen living dining main floor. We envision a great looking functional kitchen; We are not by any means reno expert, so excited and also nervous about the outcome, :). I am a fan of this forum and will greatly appreciate your expert insight!

  1. Design Specs.
  • Open square floor measures in Ft.: 19 X 26 X 21 X 15, Our kitchen is on 19' X 6' wall. Here is what we envision..

  • The L shape pantry in the 6' wall (4ft 12" and 2 feet- 24" on the L to flush with the counter.)

  • On the main wall,

  • we will have 2 ft continuation of pantry then ---> counter depth fridge,----> 3 ft counter space--->3ft Cooktop----> 3ft counter space---> then we have 5 ft open space where we would like a nook with open shelves (2-3 for display) on top and then small wine cellar at the bottom or on top corner.

  • We would like an island 8x3 or 8x4 with Sink, DW and Speed Oven, as we dont have space for speed oven on main kitchen wall.

2. Style / Color theme

  • We are going with Sand dune hardwood all way, white cabinets, white with veins countertop and Chelsey Gray island that can sit 4 people.
  • With black stainless-steel appliances Bosch. We know it can be bold choice my husband likes a change, 🙂
  • We will have oven under the cook top to save space and speed oven to try fit in the island somewhere.
  • We are thinking of custom hood,

My question to you respected PRO's is:

How would it all come together? How would it look, please help me with some suggestion here!

  • Is the design efficient ? is something missing here?? Please advise!
  • The shelves is a new trend we see and wanted to incorporate some decor, not having boring cabinets all thru, is that okay?
  • Do all the colors match or flow together? black fridge will show, oven will be behind the island
  • do we do black sink or not, and what about hardware..?

Thank you kindly!


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  • calidesign
    6 days ago

    Add current photos and floor plans.

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  • mama goose_gw zn6OH
    6 days ago

    Bhavna, I lifted your layout from the other thread. (First thread)

    I would try to incorporate the load-bearing post into the island design, by making the island deeper and moving it back. I'd also make it longer, to give you sufficient prep space on one side of the sink, with DW on the other:

    NKBA guidelines

    New to Kitchens? Read me first.

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  • mama goose_gw zn6OH
    6 days ago

    Layout without changes:

  • bhavnat55
    Original Author
    6 days ago

    Thank you mama goose, for your input, having 4 ft walkway between island n counter sounds good, any suggestion around shelves area, also how do you see the entire layout of open concept, appreciate ur input! I am also placing my current photos for your review,

  • bhavnat55
    Original Author
    6 days ago
    last modified: 6 days ago

  • bhavnat55
    Original Author
    5 days ago

    Hi Calidesign, here are my pictures, hope to receive some feedback, thanks

  • mama goose_gw zn6OH
    4 days ago

    I like open shelves--if you can keep them attractive and organized. Search the 'net for examples and styles. Open shelves in kitchens.

    Open concept is not my favorite design but if that is the style you want, then I think this plan is good. I like your island much better than the two-tier peninsula!

  • Mamaham
    1 hour ago

    Sorry I don’t want to be negative, please don’t take it this way. I’m not seeing how this layout is functional for everyday life. Do you have children?

    some questions to ask-where do dirty dishes go? Drying dishes go? On island will look cluttered? Open shelves look nice but dust and clutter. Pantry L shape will have dead space at L? How do the fridge and pantry doors open ?

    I like the column as part of the island. I’d switch sink to wall and oven to island? do you have Sslab or crawl space? I have downdraft stovetop on island w oven. Sink on back wall. Love it. How high are your ceilings?

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