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Fantastic Avocado?

Does anyone grow Fantastic Avocado variety? How is the flavor and how cold hardy has it been for you?
Its supposed to be one of the cold hardier types that can take brief dips into the mid teens F.
I'm assuming that, that is once its more mature and it doesnt stay cold for long.
I am in a 8b FL which just suppposedly got bumped up to a 9a. It has got to 14F here and generally can hit 20F in the winter once in awhile. It always bounces back up into the 50F or higher during the day, in those cold nights.
I am wondering if it should stay in a pot for a yr or two before planting in the ground. Its currently a 3 gal. size.

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  • 3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    Hi, I think you are right, I am gonna leave it potted until next spring after the last frost. I have a microclimate where I can plant maybe 3 trees against a south-facing block wall. It is painted white right now but I could maybe do the bottom half part darker to absorb more heat (and perhaps release it overnight) or I could put a darker stone or darker brick veneer on it.

    I dont actually have the avocado yet so not sure of the size. The company says 3 gallon. I got citrus from them and they are about 3 and 1/2 ft tall. I figure the Avocado will also be in that range. They ship pretty quick but I know we are getting a cold snap tonight- a few hrs in mid 30'sF, so they prob waited to ship. I hope after this it stays warm. I need to get my tomatoes into the raised beds lol.

    That's neat your HAAS has made it thus far! HAAS is my hubby's favorite. Ive killed a few lol. I had a HAAS from a Jax nursery that was grafted onto something cold hardy. When I brought it up here the top part died but the bottom under the graft is still going lol! I don't know what it is but its in a pot. We move it in during freezes. I'm shocked its still alive.

    Avocados and Jade plants (the succulent) both hate me. I can grow about anything else but those 2 so we'll see 馃ぃ

    We had mature Avocado trees in Cali & AZ but I didnt plant them, they were already there haha.

  • 3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    I got the Avocado tree and I think, it is around 3ft. I need to measure it. It is in a 3 gallon. It already has buds and 2 baby avocados on it! It was packed very well. I love this company! I will get pics of the tree and packaging up later today after barn & animal chores lol.

    Here's the pics: With the pot it is about 40" tall.

  • 3 months ago

    Hi S_J_N, what company did you order from? Im looking to replace a guava tree that died and on the hunt for a reliable vendor.

    sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida-9a-ish) thanked meg_w (9b) Bradenton
  • 3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    Hi meg, McGill Citrus Nursery aka I'm not sure if they have guavas, you would have to look lol. I do remember lots of citrus, avocados, and some other tropical fruit trees. This avocado was $60 which at first, I was like, 'that's a little expensive' but then realized its a decent sized tree for being shipped and the packaging was top notch! Also the shipping was included (free ship) in that $60 price. So that is a great deal for me. I also got a couple of nice grapefruut trees from them earlier this month! $40 included shipping (UPS) They already have buds and one has a little fruit already too. So much better than what is available around here. Cheaper too even with the shipping ;)

  • 3 months ago

    Sultry, it is good that all your new trees are doing well. I am very happy with my older Brogdon avocado tree, produces very tasty fruit,, Last year I got a new avocado Super Haas and it has a small fruit already.

    I prefer to plant my new trees in the ground if they are well rooted. Last summer I planted the 3 new citrus and they did fine in the winter without cover, the weather is getting warmer.

    sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida-9a-ish) thanked whgille
  • 3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    Sylvia, That is exciting about your Super Haas. I was reading about that one the other day. Supposed to have a larger fruit than the regular Haas and longer lasting. I hope you will post about the flavor and how your trees do as they mature. I like the Brogdon Avocado. It has a great flavor. You have a lot of nice fruit trees! Do you still have a Red Lime tree?

    What hardiness zone are you in now? The zones just changed for most Floridians. I was 8b and think I am still 8b/bordering 9a.

    I have to overwinter inside, my Longan,

    Monstera deliciosa, Dragonfruits & Starfruit. I also still have numerous citrus like Buddah's Hand, Thai Lime, Persian Lime, Key Lime, Red Finger Lime, Variegated Lemon, and a new Ponderosa Lemon, that I have to protect in winters here.

  • 3 months ago

    Sultry, we changed the backyard last year, took out all the grass and put a lot of flowers. We kept most of the fruit trees but not all, only the ones that we really like the fruit and can also share with friends we kept.

    The ones that were very productive and could not use too much fruit were the star fruit, meyer lemon, red lime,tamarind, one fig, one guava. We also had a peach and a nectarine out.

    The ones we kept are four different mangoes, two avocados, two persimmons,one banana variety, one atemoya, one sugar apple,one fig, one young plum, planted last year one orange, one mandarin and one tangelo.

    The whole yard is mostly flowers now, we are in a warmer 9b zone.


    sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida-9a-ish) thanked whgille