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POLL: Recliners - Love them or Hate them?

Emily H
January 17, 2014
Do you shudder at the sight of a recliner in someone's living space or do you long to curl up with your legs up and sink into your very own?

VOTE and share your experience in the comments! (Photos encouraged)

Comments (153)

  • nancy3303
    It can't be either/or when design comes into play.
  • Judy
    I have had my eye on this one for years http://www.biagettidesignstore.it/poltrone/cassina/dodo When I fist noticed it, that was the only one I could find that didn't look like grandpa's recliner. I see there are now lots of similar ones around http://www.home-designing.com/2012/05/beautiful-recliners-do-they-exist
    My only problem (apart from finances) is that I have two perfectly good (and expensive) armchairs (with an ottoman) and I would have to get rid of one of them to make room fro one. I don't like the ottoman, it is always in the way when you aren't using it, and makes getting out of the chair a hassle too (have to kick it out of the way) This wouldn't be a problem with a recliner. It would also have to be leather (I LOVE leather furniture) and electric, as I have tried a few manual ones in shops and, as I have problems with my hands, I found them difficult to operate.
    I also would like to ask Accurato to stop using this as a free place to advertise. I didn't mind the first time, I even went to the link to have a look, but it is repeated 4-5 times! BTW, pariscafe I happened to find these a while back in Melbourne, not sure about the quality, didn't have a very good look at the time http://www.thecomfortshop.com.au/recliner_chairs_lounges/recliner_chairs_lafer_kiri.php They seem the same as what Accurato is flogging. :-) They are definitely more affordable then my beloved Dodo chair :-)
  • Joy
    I love chairs with ottomans. Think they are very classy, but alas, my home is too small for an ottoman and chair combo. What's a Family to do if they want to watch tv and stretch out? Bring on the recliner! From the looks of pics posted there are very CLASSY recliners on the market. I have one of those in my LR and 2 more in our bedroom. :-)
  • PRO
    Julia & Elizabeth
    Some recliners look like an upright chair. Those are great for the men in our lives.
  • sharbutt
    I agree with the people who talked about disabilities and recliners. When I sit on a couch or regular chair and "get comfy" I often end up with a headache from neck issues. A recliner keeps me sitting properly. It's hard to find an attractive one but not impossible.
  • PRO
    Maintained Real Estate
    I hate the over stuffed ones but I love mine
  • Judy
    My ottoman normally sits in a corner, because of lack of room. When I decide to use it becomes a tripping hazard, until I put it back. It certainly can't be left there, in front of the chair, permanently, which is why a modern looking recliner that doesn't even look like a recliner when not in use, is so much better
  • PRO
    JN Design LLC
    I personally do not like them but a recliner in my home is ok if it doesn't look like a recliner. Professionally, if my client wants one, they get what they want!
  • PRO
    SoCal Contractor
    Its becoming less and less common to see recliners in the living space. I prefer to see them in the den or basement areas opposed to the living area.
  • js72455
    Don't get me wrong even though I voted that I hate recliners. I love putting up my feet when I sit down. What I hate about recliners is that they are so difficult to get out of once you are in them. And they are bulky. Give me a padded glider with a rocking ottoman and I'm happy as can be. Or I'll also take a comfy chair that isn't overstuffed with a padded footstool and again, it's perfection.
  • PRO
    River Valley Cabinet Works
    Recliners are "downright civilized"!
  • zazfuzzroc
    Had a recliner, no one except the occasional visiting family member used it. I find that everyone tries to steal my big round ottoman. Doubles as extra seating too. As for the recliner,we gave ours to a neighbor, they were quite happy, it had massage too. :)
  • PRO
    Interior Affairs -- Vickie Daeley
    Love them...they are so comfy...but they have to look like a real chair not one of those overstuffed beasts...something more in line with a look I am trying to achieve...and believe me they are out there...so don't settle for those other ones!
  • Gloria Montgomery
    Recliners are fine if they do not look like recliners--JC Penny's High Leg Wing recliner looks like a classic wing chair and is well made
  • rach71

    At the end of the day, whether you like the look of recliners or not, the space needs to fit the people and activities you plan to do in it. If reclining is something you like to do, then go the recliner.

  • sherrihf

    I was going to say "HATE THEM" because when I think recliner, I think of Frasier's Dad's recliner or the ugly thing in my family room right now that we borrowed for my husband to sleep in after shoulder surgery. But as seen in many of the posts above, there are much more attractive options available now. And one should be comfortable in one's own home. Compromise is possible!

  • marfrans
    I have the ugliest recliner, uglier than you can imagine. And i love it. It belonged to my dad who has passed away sone years ago. He always sat in his chair. I feel comforted sitting in this big dark green leather monster. It feels like a big hug...
  • PRO
    Carol Woolf Gallery and Frame Factory

    We have two overstuffed recliners that look exactly two wing-back chairs with Chippendale legs. They are lovely and work well in our media room. Sorry for those who cringe but I love them. I would not even consider the old fashioned recliner that looks like a recliner. Awful.

  • PRO
    Billiard Factory

    Recliners are great! Especially in media rooms or just your living room. We have a lot of media seating that recline back making it more comfortable for everyone at your home!

    Palliser Home Theater Seating · More Info

    Billiard Factory Home Theater Seating · More Info

    For more ideas go to billiardfactory.com and look through our projects!

  • momof5x

    We have ( had) a brown leather one up to a few days ago. I never used it but hubby did, I didn't like it as when I sit down in it, I can't get that flap thing at the bottom to go back down again then I can't get off ! You have to tap it really hard with both feet ( and this chair is suppose to help rest your feet!), having said that hubby took it to the farm and now has another futuristic looking massage chair, which all the kids find very interesting! Similar to one one below but far better to be honest than the one below.

  • cheriealford
    NO to recliners unless a health issue necessitates.

    I feel the same about furniture that converts to a recliner. Ugly!
  • Gary Dixon

    I love my two MacMotion leather recliners with ottomans but was about to give up on recliners in general because every one I owned had a problem with the mechanics. Weak steel. But the new ones are constructed differently and are holding up fine.

  • PRO
    Abbie Jacobson Design&Decoration

    some of my senior clients want to incorporate recliners in to their design plans these are some pieces I've used ...

  • Judy

    These are the kinds that I like too. Could you give their names please, some of them are new to me

  • momof5x

    Added note: Just found out the recliner/massage chair is called a Isukoshi Royal UFO Massage Chair.

  • PRO
    Accurato Furniture Store

    These are some of the fabulous ergonomic Lafer Recliners from Brazil with retractable footrest that we have sold to customers all over the USA. Great modern styling, high quality leathers, numerous adjustments for headrest, footrest, and the seat reclines down to 180 degrees. You can't beat a comfy Lafer Recliner!

    Lafer Valentina Recliner

    Lafer Demi Recliner

    Lafer Kiri Recliner

  • PRO
    Darla Scheuerman
    I love my 2. over sized smugglers in my casual family room.
  • Mandee Trom
    Love them! Function > form
  • PRO
    Lauren Elyse Art
    Love the idea of them, wish they weren't so cumbersome and awful looking (in 9/10 cases)
  • Pickynpokey

    Nice recliners I would love to have.

  • Mike Keith

    You people that say you "shudder" at the sight of a recliner sound like the most stuck up A-holes I've ever met. It's a piece of furniture. I could see if it has duct tape all over it, but a brand new one!?! Come on, get over yourself. Sounds like the same kind of person that wouldn have to get a dent taken out of their car or have it taken to the body shop everytime it gets a little scratch.

  • Darzy

    You're right, Mike Keith, we are a bunch of snobs! Button your shirt up. :)

  • Darzy

    There are attractive recliners, I shudder at the oversized, bulky, puffy, faux leather crap.

  • A. Hunter

    <<< SHUDDER >>>

    When I'm 90 I'll be ROCKIN' ... not RECLININ'

    lol....Great Post !!!!

  • Bev

    I used to shudder when I was younger because they were just plain ugly! They all seemed to have the same dark upholstery and most of it was either leather or vinyl, which makes me too hot! I purchased two beautiful Lazy Boy rocking recliners last year for my family room. Since I had a choice of fabric, I chose a charcoal gray fabric that feels like butter and looks like leather without the discomfort of sticking to leather when it's hot! I had to get reclining furniture due to living with chronic pain daily and my cardiologist suggested it since I have a problem with swelling as well.

  • stlouisgaltoo
    I love my ladies petite sized one! Hubby loves his manly man recliner. We live in our home. How about shuddering at yet another couch that no one sits in? Talk about a waste of furniture and not comfortable.
  • Judy

    @Pickynpokey those are not really recliners AFAIC. I hate separate footstools, because they become a tripping hazard and are always in the way when not in use. OTOH, I definitely don't like the huge overstuffed vinyl ones. In fact, I don't like those huge overstuffed ones, unless I had a separate room, like a library or something.

    I don't think I'm a snob, but I do like my loungeroom to look nice and be comfortable at the same time. So, I do have a recliner, but you can hardly tell it is a recliner - it has the same upholstery as my other furniture and isn't huge - even its shape fits it with everything in the room

    They finally started making some nice ones - although they are still pretty hard to find

  • joanbllt

    I have 2 recliners - smaller style that don't look clunky - just recently recovered them. Lazy Boy has discontinued this model but has a similar one (Amelia?) that works with a cottage look.

  • Bev

    I like what you all call the large, puffy, and chunky recliners because they are the most comfortable! I have Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis and my Lazy Boy furniture is the most comfortable sofas and chairs that I have ever sat in. I also love that they have a lifetime warranty and I received a cleaning kit for all of the furniture in case of spills. Cat hair just brushes right off the fabric and talk about soft fabric! I chose one that is so silky feeling and beautiful at the same time. I do not like bulky fabrics like corduroys and tweeds on these furnishings because they look even more bulkier.

  • Ann Smitt

    Recliners get a bad rep. Designers all seem to turn their noses up at them without giving them a chance. A recliner is a chair that provides comfort, respite and warmth to a home. It's the favorite comfy chair for reading stories to your kids; cuddling with your spouse/partner at the end of a hard day; a guilty pleasure to sit in and put your feet up chair; a fort, castle or other imaginary place to play on but never under and it's a 'must have' chair for most homes. It's also a chair you pick out with or for a loved one in mind, it doesn't have to be ugly, there are so many recliners to choose from these days that even the designer's who loath them could find one to compliment ANY room.

  • Ann Smitt

    PickynPokey those are beautiful Eames-style chairs you have chosen to share pictures of. Eames chairs are classic, design meets engineering, furniture. You can see original Eames chairs on display at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, USA. A recliner doesn't have a detached foot stool. A recliner is a chair with a foot stool built in that is lifted via lever usually mounted on the side of the chair that also tilts back. Lazy Boy, a Monroe, Michigan company, is best known for it's reclining furniture now in designer styles. Barcalounger is another recliner manufacturer. Enjoy your beautiful Eames-style chairs and foot stools/ottomans.

  • PRO
    Sarita Simpson Design

    I like both, but for designing purposes, I can only say that I've had clients who want seats with legs! Here are my best!


    City Market at O Street Apartment Models · More Info

    City Market at O Street Apartment Models · More Info

    City Market at O Street Apartments Rooftop · More Info

    Minimalist Modern Renovation · More Info

  • sabra900
    Just got a vintage wingback recliner to recover for use in a reading nook. You would never know it is a recliner and has wonderfully elegant lines. If you had a third option for beautiful recliners I would pick no. three :-)
  • Double D

    In a theatre room only

  • Judy

    Well, some of us don't happen to have a separate "theatre room" Our living room doubles as theatre room :-)

  • sharbutt

    I'm 71, have several health issues, and need a comfortable place in my home to rest and relax. I currently have a chair with a footstool. Because of the room layout it's placement makes it difficult to get in and out easily. It's not as comfortable as a recliner. I'm currently searching for a new recliner, and the progress is disappointing. I don't want to order one that I haven't been able to sit in. Most of the recliners in the stores I've visited are ugly. Flexsteel makes some that look good but finding one to test is hard in my area.

  • D. L.

    Even my couch is a reclining couch. Every chair has a place to put your feet up. I went to my relatives house last Thanksgiving and they have the same set up. Endless reclining opportunities.

  • Amy Tiffany
    Just getting started with remodeling and decorating. I think I made a mistake buying the (old-style of modern) Stressless Recliner from Ekornes, because there are no tables to "match" that don't look like an accident. I mean it, its infuriating to buy a single chair over $2,000 that already looks old, yet nobody has made a decent side table?
  • Judy

    Don't know about the side-table, but AFAIC the Stressless is NOT a recliner. It is an armchair with a footstool. This one looks similar to yours, but really IS a recliner


  • Laurie Schrader

    Judy, I got an Ekornes Stressless for my husband, in his office. He spends a good deal of time wandering and talking, on the phone, also sitting at his desk. He's a cardiac patient (doing WELL!) who likes to nap. The one piece chair he has allows him to bring the footrest up/forward, recline as far as he wants- and nap in place. A recliner, to me.

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