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Design ideas for a contemporary backyard landscaping in Los Angeles.

Encino Hills Contemporary

John Feldman

Design ideas for a contemporary backyard landscaping in Los Angeles. —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (5)

danab wrote:January 20, 2013
  • mrnap
    do you know the color of the wall and is it painted or stucco?
  • PRO
    ecocentrix landscape architecture
    Sorry… I do not have record of the wall color. This was painted over smooth trowelled stucco.
Alacia Acton wrote:January 20, 2013
I also would love to know the spiky plants by wall and the grass in the foreground. Thanks.

  • E.
    How big does the furcraea macdougalii grow? I live in La Puente Area in SoCal.
  • onevoice

    This is indeed an impressive plant when mature and can optimally reach 20-30 ft. after forming a trunk. It is monocarpic meaning it will die after flowering.

aasgar wrote:August 20, 2013
Beautiful concept, what are the small plants in the foreground?

  • PRO
    Mulholland Security Centers, Inc

    Curious to know what the opaque material is you are using in the gate. And, do you know how well it is holding up with the climate there?

  • PRO
    ecocentrix landscape architecture

    Looks as new as the day it was installed (4-5 years ago). It was specified as opaque tempered glass.... I know it is glass.... it's certainly opaque .. assuming it is tempered.

mayo2girl wrote:December 16, 2014
medrano1962 wrote:February 18, 2016
could you tell me where you got the furcrea?

  • medrano1962


  • goluscombe

    Furcrea can be purchased from San Marcos Growers in Santa Barbara, CA

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I really like this, it's more interesting than the typical wall, maybe have these plantings on the outside?

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