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FSB has grown from a manufacturer focused on designing handles that are comfortable to the hand into a company that has taken our “hand culture” and extended the concept of linking architecture to people in all our products. Today we combine our handles (levers and knobs) with high quality locksets for swinging and sliding doors, door pulls for glass, wood and metal doors, hinges, bathroom accessories, and a host of supporting hardware in matching styles and finishes.

A capacity for technological innovation, for reflecting critically upon what we do, and also for delivering at the cultural level is part and parcel of the way we see ourselves. Taking our products made in Germany and integrating with high quality electrified and mechanical locking devices for the North American market is a natural extension of our European heritage. Thus it comes as no surprise that our design solutions set the standard for noted architects here and the world over when the emphasis is on style.

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Contact: FSB North America
Location: 24 New Park Drive
Berlin, CT 06037
Commented: Fireplace insert! Wondering what the door hardware is for the Flush Pulls? Looks like FSB 4253 in Stainless Steel?
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Commented: Door handle manufacturer please ? Yes, Lever #1005 and ED Trim in Stainless Steel, designed by Johannes Potente http://bit.ly/FSB1005 FSB Lever 1005
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Commented: Who makes this door hardware? Beautiful work!
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Commented: Really like the tube door lever. Can you tell me the make and model? FSB Lever 1076, available in Stainless Steel, Brass and Aluminum in Many different finishes. Here is a link to the product page: http://bit.ly/FSB1076 FSB 1076
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Commented: Hardware The FSB #6642 in Stainless Steel, here is a link FSB 6642
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