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Industrial 3-Piece Artwork

Contemporary Modern Abstract Fine Art, BETWEEN II, by H.E. Scarborough, 2014
Contemporary Modern Abstract Fine Art, BETWEEN II, by H.E. Scarborough, 2014by Studio Eight
BETWEEN II, H.E. Scarborough, 2014. Limited Edition, Signed and Numbered, Hand Embellished Fine Art Print on Museum Quality Cotton Rag Paper. Edition Size: 50. Museum Quality Framing, Conservation Matting and Construction, Glazed with Acrylic. Large Oversize Artwork. Ships via UPS Ground Insured. Ready to hang and enjoy your new piece of collectable fine art. Chip tossed a coin in 1965. Heads, The Colorado School of Mines. Tails, or Art School. He graduated from UCLA in 1969 after having the great fortune to study with the likes of Jim Weeks, Sam Francis, Oliver Andrews, John McCracken, Tony Berlant, Ed Ruscha, and other luminaries of the sixties art scene in LA. Since then he has forged a career creating paintings, etchings, woodcuts, jewelry, sculpture, industrial machines, kilns, productions ceramics, photography, steel fabrications, and art glass for European production. Visit us at Studio Eight to see some of Chip's most recent work. Chip lives and works at his studio compound "El Rancho Eyesore" in Sebastopol, California out on the left coast. Established in 1998, our company is a unique collection and collaboration of world renowned artists, designers, photographers and craftsmen. Our distinctive creative abilities allow us to produce an exciting collection of work from an array of media -- from steel, canvas, gold, silver, copper and carbon fiber; to cotton rag paper, acrylic, glass, aluminium, bronze; and as far as the imagination can take us. The company has distinguished itself by producing museum caliber original works of art and designing award winning solutions for our clients. We are recognized for our exceptional techniques and the use of premium quality materials. Our work is known internationally for it's design inspirations, cutting edge concepts and preeminent quality.Read More