Our mission is simple, render our client’s spaces for their ultimate purpose. We interpret our client’s needs and desires and create innovative interiors to support them. We enjoy the opportunity to experiment with color, texture and material, we create the unexpected. We are firm believers in layers. Whether it comes to peeling back the layers of a client’s wants to find their true ambition, or compiling upon a strong foundation of timeless design, the design process is one which continuously builds upon itself.

Lizette Marie Bruckstein brings a thorough understanding of the design process to the table. With an extensive background in both design and showroom management, she is well versed in the implementation of ideas. Second to her passion for design comes a passion for travel which allows for a heightened awareness of trend and style, translating into her designs.

Together with her team, Lizette Marie Interior Design strives to build relationships with clients and create interiors that stimulate both visual and tactile sense.
space planning
color consultation
fabric consultation
finish consultation
kitchen design
bath design
project management
buying service
Contact: Lizette Marie Interior Design
Location: 360 Langton St #207
San Francisco, CA 94103
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