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Need help for my bedroom

Stella Alexiou
December 17, 2014
Hello houzzers.
I recently added a wardrobe and painted my bedroom, and now I am thinking of making a few changes, so that it looks fuller and warmer. However, I have no idea what to do. I am uploading pics of it, in case anyone can help me.
I was thinking of buying a new chair with a footstool, maybe a vanity desk, a rug, a painting and maybe some racks. The way my windows and doors are put though, makes it difficult for me to move my bed.
Any suggestions? Anything will be helpful.
Thank you all in advance.

p.s.: sorry for the really bad photos.


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  • PRO
    Carpet and Textile
    Hello Stella,

    I think for this small and beautiful bedroom you should choose a small size rug like "Hand Knotted Parda Rug" This rug not only looks beautiful but also makes your bedroom more stylish.
    Stella Alexiou thanked Carpet and Textile
  • marilynellis
    the wall color is the last not the first design choice it makes it so much harder to match the colors. Having said that if go with either a complimentary color or neutral rug
    Stella Alexiou thanked marilynellis
  • Stella Alexiou
    @marilynellis, i know but my curtains and my bathroom matched this color and I thought I shouldn't make more expenses. So now I'm trying to match everything else with these colors
  • Tamy
    Hi there, is that Orange? If so, I have a few ideas for you..
  • Tamy
    This would be perfect to hide your heater..and a couple more inspirational pictures.
  • Tamy
  • Stella Alexiou
    Oh thank you so much, i will check them all out!! Thank you
  • groveraxle
    A couple of preliminary thoughts:

    I see your bed is on the only wall it can be on, but I would move it toward the door and put the nightstand between the bed and wall. That will make it feel more open.

    The headboard disappears against that wall. You could find a jazzy fabric with some orange and make a slipcover for it, or just upholster it. Easy project; there are tutorials on the web.

    The bookcase housing the TV unbalances that wall. I would replace it with a small chest and set the TV on top. The chair left of the doors looks too small, though it may just be distortion from the panoramic photo. If you could get an ottoman to match it, it could still work. I would coordinate the colors of the chair on the left and the chest on the right, either both dark or both light for better balance.

    If you do replace the chair, you might look for a pattern, or something in blue to complement the orange.

    Curtains will add warmth and softness.
    Stella Alexiou thanked groveraxle
  • groveraxle
    With some blue:
    Stella Alexiou thanked groveraxle
  • groveraxle
    An inky blue with the bed moved:
    Stella Alexiou thanked groveraxle
  • Christina Burgess
    You could definately warm up the room with browns, taupes and tans in a new bed spread, area rug and wall decorations if you want to keep the orange. It would be a nice contrast.
    Stella Alexiou thanked Christina Burgess
  • leelee
    A mix of pink with your orange would be fabulous. A large pink rug to hide the cold tile is where to start.
    Stella Alexiou thanked leelee
  • Stella Alexiou
    Wow guys thank yoy all so much for your help. I will definitely use your ideas and post the updates. I love the idea of pink with orange and the fabric on the headboard. Wow i am so excited
  • Christina Burgess
    Excited is a good thing!

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