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bought a house with pond, can anyone help a newbie pond owner?

15 years ago

Here are the issues I am having. At the start of spring, I used Tetrapond algae control. Suddenly, my pond became cloudy and green. I'm not sure if it was the chemical I put in, or just the change in weather. My liner is very slimy and discolored....

I was hoping someone more experienced could help me with questions on cleaning my pond. What is the best way to clean my liner? The guy at the fish store said to empty the pond, and use a 90 pct water/10 pct bleach solution and scrub all the gunk off the liner. Does that sound right?

Next, after cleaning the liner, should I use completely fresh tap water to refill the pond? I bought the Tetrapond Water Treatment stuff that takes the chlorine and other stuff out to make the tap water okay for my koi and goldfish. OR, should i fill something like half my pond with new tap water and the other half with the old water that had some algae and junk in it. Tetrapond website says to only replace 30 pct of the water with new water, but I'd really like to get a clear pond... I'd hate to fill my new pond with new tap water and then have all my fish die because I didn't calculate the right amount of water treatment solution or forgot to do something else....

Is replacing some or all the pond water a frequent part of pond maintenance, or something that is done very rarely? And what would you recommend is the safest way to clean a dirty pond liner, as I'm pretty sure using soap and water could be dangerous to the fish.

Any help appreciated. Thank you very much...

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