HFGH in Michigan

11 years ago

Hello HFGH Gang,

I was looking for gardenweb member "gardenerwantabe" or any other HFGH owners in Michigan. Just picked our 10x12 up today and would so appreciate any tips from MI owners. I printed out the excellent instruction from mudhouse and a couple others. They are the reason I even considered getting one after all the horror stories about assembly. Sooooo...if any Michiganders out there have tips about making things secure for our MI winters, please drop me a note. I am so excited about finally having a greenhouse, yet almost making myself sick with worry about getting it up correctly. Thanks in advance. GardenWeb members are the very best!


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  • web4deb
    11 years ago

    Mudhouse did a great job with the additions. I also added weather stripping between the frame and glazing to keep it air tight.

    Another suggestion is NOT to tighten all the nuts & bolts until you put the glazing in....if the structure isn't perfectly square, it can be hard to put in some of the panels...

    Here's a couple of links to my stuff:


    Good luck with your project and don't forget the band-aids! ;-)

  • oldma
    10 years ago

    NE Ohio here. I am an old lady and just put one of these up, pretty much by my self. Had help placing roof bones on, three neighbor ladies. I put roof bones together in my driveway. And hubby help me place the doors on, seeing one person had to guide the top on at the same time the bottom had to be placed. I followed Mudhouse's direction, cept I didn't do any insulating or reinforcing at all. I figure I would be happy just getting it up. Placed it on my porch deck. I didn't dig or place a foundation. Didn't bolt it to the deck neither. Being ag zoned I can put up all the movable structures I want too. Not worried about wind, it is a foot and a half away from the house. Snow might be a problem because in the past if there is a foot in the drive, there would be four on the porch. I am hoping the new addition will help me with that and not make it worse. I might bolt it to the porch floor after hubby makes up his mind if he wants a rubber floor in there. We have a crap load of used roof rubber from taking it down off the barn a few years ago. Also waiting to see if zoning comes around and takes issue with it being so close to the house. Had six baby chicks killed this week. My own barn cat got one. I heard him calling for me with his mouth full. Usually I trade my gift for a whole can of cheap cat food. Usually my gifts are chickmonk, rats, grouse, mice. He didn't understand why I was so upset. It was funny cause he followed me around all day demanding his treat. A rat got four of them. We brought the gang in the house till Hubby fixed the rat hole in the barn floor and I laid out traps. Four days later I took them back out and turned my back. SNAP! Poor little fellow didn't give me time to gather the traps. Sometimes life is ruff here.
    Anyways, don't tighten down any of the bolts on the base till ya have it all together and checked for level and square. Then don't tighten down any of the bolts on the wall corners, front and back braces or supports till you have it all together and checked for plum and level and square again. BTW, I put the windows in the roof while it was in the drive. It wasn't too heavy for lady's to pick up and I am sure it was easier than doing it over head.