HFGH base questions & wind questions

14 years ago


I have been a member of this forum for awhile but just found the GH section tonight unfortunately. I bought a 10 x 12 Harbor Freight GH recently and my BF started setting up today. I have a couple of questions please. My first is regarding the base. I notice many here are attaching to 2 x 12's etc. So far we are following the instructions and were planning on just burying the base the 5" like the directions say. Is this a no-no? Do we need to put wood around the base?

We have strong wind gusts here in the winter so my concern is the whole darned thing flying away if we just bury the base. Can anyone help me rather quickly as I think he's going to start putting this together sometime tomorrow. I'm trying to read the old threads but there's so much it's hard to find the info I need.

Thanks for any help you can be and I'm sure I'll be back with lots more questions!

Best wishes,


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